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Chupacabra Mystery Solved?

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'Chupacabra' Mystery Solved? Strange Animal Identified In Kentucky


When a creepy, hairless animal appeared in Nelson County, Kentucky two weeks ago, rumors swirled that it could be the legendary chupacabra, a mythic animal once dubbed by CNN as the "Bigfoot of Latino Culture."


In this video from CNN, a wildlife biologist describes the animal as "no doubt a hideous creature. There's just no way around it." When Mark Cothern spotted this bizarre creature in his yard, he shot it. Pictures of the animal spread like wildfire, as many fans eagerly thought it could be a chupacabra.


But the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife have now investigated the animal's anatomical features, and believe it to be a raccoon. They plan to study the creature due to its unusual appearance, which they believe to be related to hair loss.


One theory is that the animal has a condition similar to alopecia, a disease that in humans can lead to hair loss. There may be a growing number of hairless creatures in the eastern United States, and further investigation is needed to determine why.



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