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Cash-Landrum, gone with the wind

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Cash-Landrum, gone with the wind


December 28th, 2010 03:03pm


by Billy Cox


“Nobody should have to suffer like that,” says John Schuessler of the mystery that has haunted him for 30 years. “I do connect (their deaths) to that event. Their lives were never the same. They were ill from that day forward.”


"Ms. (Vickie) Landrum and Ms. (Betty) Cash were credible ... There was no perception that anyone was trying to exaggerate the truth" -- from the U.S. Army's Inspector General report/CREDIT:


But the former project manager for shuttle flight operations at Johnson Space Center did his best to figure out what happened along a remote stretch of highway outside Houston on Dec. 29, 1980. In fact, during a medical briefing Schuessler prepared for Laurance Rockefeller a dozen years later as the billionaire philanthropist attempted to nudge the Clinton administration toward UFO transparency, two radiation experts felt compelled to add their voices to the record. “They said we needed a national warning system to let people know just how serious this is.”


Thirty years ago, 51-year-old motorist Betty Cash and two passengers — 57-year-old Vickie Landrum and her grandson Colby, 7 — were startled around 9 p.m. by an enormous, glowing, diamond-shaped object straddling rural Highway 1485. Blocking her path, the spectacle brought the Oldsmobile Cutlass to a halt and compelled an awestruck Cash to get out for a better look. Vickie partially exited the passenger side but had to contend with her terrified grandson, who tried wrestling her back in.


Event: 1980-12-29; USA, Texas, Dayton



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