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UFO Case Files of Russia

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UFO Case Files of Russia




UFO Case Files of Russia by Philip Mantle & Paul Stonehill


Due out February 2010 and available for pre-order.


Throughout the centuries UFOs hovered over Russia, and USOs (Unidentified Undersea Objects) lurked in its waters. This book introduces the phenomena of the most important cases, observations, and sightings. UFO CASE FILES OF RUSSIA endeavours to describe efforts of those dedicated researchers who have stubbornly pursued UFO research in the Russian Empire, the USSR, and modern Russia.


The evidence in this piece of literature is extensive both in scope and detail. In its totality, it comprises a body of evidence written in the style of a Russian, which at the very least supports the general assessment of describing as fully as possible Soviet and Russian UFO cases, research areas, prominent personalities involved in such research (military, intelligence agencies, cosmonauts and civilians), opinions and viewpoints of those who were and are serious in their approach to the study of anomalous phenomena.


Whatever the UFO phenomena is, it is certainly not a modern invention as this unique history clearly demonstrates. The history of UFO sightings and contacts over the lands that later became known as Russia date back thousands of years. UFO CASE FILES OF RUSSIA is not meant to be definitive in any way, but is meant to show that UFO research has been and still is very active in the former USSR, and that a vigorous programme of research and serious diplomatic initiatives is warranted.


Written by Philip Mantle from the UK and Paul Stonehill, originally from the Ukraine,but now a citizen of the USA, east meets west for the first time in this unique publication.


ISBN Number: 978-1-907126-03-1

Paperback. Illustrated.



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