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Mysterious spheres

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Mysterious spheres


Giant gyros, which often turn out to be nothing more than manufactured ball-bearings found in ordinary check-valve systems still lead to spit opinions on those which can not be proved inconclusively.


In April of 1974 a Jacksonville, Florida, family came across one such sphere on their estate which had all of the properties of a ball bearing yet differed in the fact that it holds a personal property that can not be explained.


According to an old news clipping, this particular globe has magnetic poles, containd within, a series of smaller orbs, is nearly in perfect balance and acts on its own accord. This globe will take the initiative to roll around a table’s edge without dropping to the floor.



Strange sphere baffles U.S. navy


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) - The United States Navy says it is mystified by a metal sphere found by a family here.


"There's certainly something odd about it," CPO Chris Berninger said after initial attempts at identifying the 25-pound object that the Antoine Betz family says appeared outside their home here recently.


(In the picture above, 12-year-old Wayne Betz wonders if the sphere is some kind of bugging device.)


"We're going to use a more powerful machine on it and also run spectograph tests to determine what metal it's made of," Berninger said.


The family said the ball moves strangely, apparently of its own volition, and throbs as though a motor were running inside.


The sphere, slightly smaller than a bowling ball, appears to be made of stainless steel.



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