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World Of The Strange


Providing a comprehensive overview of many paranormal subjects including: Space, Science, Earth News, Strange, Weird, Atlantis, Bizarre, UFOs/Aliens, Mind Control, Monsters, Conspiracies, Fortean, Crop Circles, Mutes, Shadow People, MIBs, Government Cover-Ups, UFOs, Strange Creatures, Alien Visitors, Folklore and Legends, Ghosts and Hauntings, Hot Spots, Oddities, Alien Technology, Spontaneous Combustion, Psychic Abilities and Phenomena, Hominoids, Spook Lights and Orbs, Majestic-12, Animal Reactions to the Unexplained, Coral Castle, Bermuda Triangle, Men In Black, Anomalies, Fireballs, Philadelphia Experiment, Chupacabras, UFO Crashes, Atlantis, Roswell, Animal Mutilations, Abductions, Hominoids, Alien Races, Big Foot, Close Encounters, The Moon, Lock Ness Monster, Climate Change and many more subjects.


This World Of The Strange website is provided as a place to allow public access to research documents, stories, reports etc. related to the various paranormal fields.


The contents of the web site are collected from various sources including books, usenet, CD ROMs, newsletters, discussion groups, discussion forums, web sites and emails as far back as the 1980s. For the most part it is a merging of two separate web sites, the Paranormal Research Primer and World Of The Strange.


The Paranormal Research Primer was originally started by TJ Elias in February of 1996 as a site displaying research findings collected from various sources. The site has been moved several times as it outgrew its allotted space rather quickly. Over the years, we have compiled a wealth of information to stimulate ones curiosity for the paranormal. It's former home was:


World Of The Strange was created by Louise Lowry in November of 1997 as a place to post her weekly newsletter archives.


This web site was established in January 2003 and is presented in a format that is not burdened with heavy graphics, scripts or popup advertisements making it very fast.


The web site was upgraded again in July 2003.


The web site is being rebuilt in 2010 - 2011 by TJ Elias.


The information is cross referenced using links to other related items on the site and across the internet. Additionally a search engine is provided that can be used to locate information on this web site.


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