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Why UFO Cover-ups?/10 Reasons

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Why UFO Cover-ups?/10 Reasons


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Subject: Why UFO Cover-Up?//10 Reasons!//Too many sp00ks on Usenet

Date: 28 Mar 1997 16:08:35 GMT

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Why UFO Cover-ups?/10 Major Reasons


1) Possibility of world-wide economic collapse due to introduction of free energy and anti-gravity technologies.


2) Mass shock and world-wide panic.


3) Public unprepared for interaction with an alien species.


4) Trepidation from fundamental sects of Christianity and other goofy religions which strongly believe extraterrestrial life impossible. Any such encounter with alien life forms would be considered contact with "demons and satanic influences" since some Biblical authorities teach that Satan is "prince of the air."  Influential religious groups could ignite a religious war.


5) Apprehension of invasion. Concern of human slavery, especially by the upper class elites, and subsequent imprisonment by the colonizing alien races.


6) The Military wants to figure out how the crafts and accompanying technologies work, for weapons development. They would make top-of-the-line weapons and delivery systems.


7) The Military needs to know how to defend against the same systems if some other country's military figures it out before "we" do.


8) Mistrust and lack of confidence in the military might of the United States, especially after spending $15 trillion dollars over the past 50 years. The greatest military force in the world would have to admit it cannot prevent "abductions" since the aliens that pilot the extraterrestrial crafts have superior flight and weapons technology.


9) New technology to prevent disease and increase aging would further harm environment due to rapid overpopulation.


10) Debunkers would have to find real work, plus the "egg-on-the-face" syndrome might adversely affect them. Phil Klass and Oberg would have to face the facts that nobody took them seriously, even with all the bucks the intel. agencies lavished on their operations. Ever wonder why Phil Klass's books ended up in every library in the USA, and Oberg is the so-called "expert" on material he has no idea about? And why sp00ks can use this newsgroup without addressing the facts!




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