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It is not the intention of the information contained in this web site to convince anyone that UFOs, alien life forms or any other things exist. It is merely an attempt to provide a comprehensive reference kit of available information on the subjects.


I hereby disclaim any representation of this information containing any truth what so ever. The information contained herein is a combination of original notes / research and plagiarized information. This web site is designed to be a useful reference source to those interested in UFOlogy and the paranormal. I tried to keep a neutral stance when I researched the many subjects covered within this web site. When doing some of the research I may have only used one source, thus (as you may have noticed) some authors present information from only one point of view and this has a tendency to be carried over to this information, do to the lack of information on the subject from another point of view. Also please when reading this information take everything you read here with a very large grain of salt. (rock salt). Even I don't believe all the information that I have included here. As I said its mainly a reference to help you out. If you find yourself interested in a UFO related subject, **DO RESEARCH** read books on the subject, dig into both sides, write letters to the authors and researchers. Please note that I don't claim that any of this research strictly as my own. It comes from many books, articles, electronic postings and people. I have tried to always include where the source of the information at the bottom of the sections when I could.


I do believe in the paranormal, UFO's, Bigfoot, the Loch-Ness Monster etc. Mainly because I do not have a reason not to and there have been so many reports for so many years. I have never seen a UFO or had contact with aliens that I know of. I also have never had contact with or seen Bigfoot, lake monsters or ghosts. I feel that some of the reports of paranormal activity, UFO reports and so on are explainable natural and man-made phenomenon. I also feel that some of them are faked hoaxes. But I also feel that there is a great chance that some of them are genuine. Even if 95% do ultimately fall into some explained category, that leaves 5% that may be real.


Thank you


TJ Elias

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