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Did You Know?

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Did You Know?


In July of 1952, squadrons of flying saucers flew over Washington, D.C, buzzing the White House, the Capital Building and the Pentagon.


April 30, 1964, the first known communication between aliens and the U.S. Government took place at the Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico. Three saucers landed at a pre-arranged area and a meeting was held between the aliens and U.S. Intelligence Officer. From this meeting and from this base came our Stealth Bombers. Note triangular design of Stealth.


Cattle and Human Mutilations Serve a Purpose for Aliens. The EBE's (aliens) have a genetic disorder in that their digestive system is atrophied and non-functional. In order to sustain themselves they use an enzyme or hormonal secretion obtained from the tissue that they extract from humans and animals. (Note: Cows and humans are genetically similar. In the event of a a national disaster, cow's blood can be used by humans.)


In 1979 there was an altercation at the Dulce Laboratory. A special armed force unit was called in to try to free a number of our people trapped in the facility, who had become aware of what was really going on there. According to one source, 66 of the soldiers were killed and our people were not freed. Human monstrosities abound even more today there than before.


There is a strange story that President Reagan ordered a top-secret expedition into the Middle East to find and capture the four angels of the apocalypse. He reportedly had information that these angels, or alien creatures, were buried in underground vaults along the Euphrates River.


U.S. recovered alien spacecraft from the Utah Desert. This crash event was the base for the X-files Movie (building with the bees surrounded by corn) where an agriculture 'front' was built over the craft because it was too big to move at the time.


"You have individuals that look very much like you and myself, that could walk among us and you wouldn't even notice the difference," he said. Stone claimed to have catalogued 57 different species of alien life forms


Did you Know that 1952 was the biggest year for UFO sightings? Hmm.. remember in July of that same year the skies over Washington D.C. became filled with unidentified radar blips. A few of these are confirmed by visual sightings. No satisfactory explanation has ever been found, although some have tried to blame it on 'temperature inversions'.


1953, November 23rd, an F-89 piloted by Lt. Felix Moncia Jr., with radar operator R.R. Wilson, disappears while chasing a UFO over Lake Superior.


1962 SR-71/A-12 testing begins at Area 51.


1965, September. First Reported Animal Mutilation. Snippy, the horse is found dead with the skin and flesh stripped from it's head and neck with no blood found in the carcass or on the ground.


Over One Billion People have now signed the UFO Disclosure Project petition to get the U.S. Government to open up its files about the UFO's


Britain is the World Headquarters for the storage of alien bodies. At present, there are about 300 alien bodies stored in various parts of Britain; of which, about 25 are in suspended animation. Throughout the rest of the world, however, there are only about 60 bodies - including the USA! I then enquired as to the reason why so many bodies were stored in Britain rather than the USA. The answer was that 'Britain can keep a better secret'


Scotland ranked top spot for alien visitors. Known as the home of the Loch Ness monster, this country also has the highest concentration of UFO sightings on the planet! UFOs were spotted for every square kilometer of Scotland -- a rate four times as high as in France or Italy, this planet's other UFO hotspots. The 2,000 UFOs are spotted every year in the United States represent just 0.0002 sightings per square kilometer.


There was one UFO sighting per 17,000 inhabitants in Scotland compared to one per 61,200 in Canada, and one per 136,450 in the United States. Scottish UFO Files


Did you know that the movie PREDATOR was based off a real encounter . Click here for the rest of the story. < I am looking for the story to post and link to. -TJ


Did you know that aliens take about 2,200 children a year from the US and other countries combined. The rest of the children are due to mankinds Darkside. The children are used in several ways; Biological, to educate and return; Experimentation, disease study, the same as adults. Implants are being used on the humans taken aboard the alien crafts and returned. Some of these implants are microscopic in size,(and smaller) which influence the growth function and learning capabilities of the individuals


Researchers will recall that the disk that crashed in 1947 at Roswell, New Mexico had several reptilian species on board, as well as the body parts and clothing of several Army-Air Force officers.


Did you know that 'The Creature from the Black Lagoon' was based on a live alien attack of woman. Click here for the story.



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