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Milton William Cooper

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Could someone please tell me who this cooper guy is? He seems to have inside information. But is it genuine? Have you read the txt about MJ-12? All that proves is that the guy has a great imagination. WHERE'S ALL THE PROOF???????????

--Angus MacPherson



William Cooper is the author of the book "Behold a Pale Horse", i read it last year and got very impressed, when you read it he sounds very authentic. But i started reading the book for the 2nd time about a month ago and I noticed the name of Robert Lazar in it , Cooper is in the book saying that Lazar is a Government Agent, so i got curious and went researching William Cooper on the Net, what i found out is that he is a total HOAX. His material comes from his imagination or he stole it from somebody else and took credit for it.


He said on the book that he lost his leg when Government Agents run his car of the road and tried to kill him, when the truth is that he crashed his car when he was totally drunk.


He worked for the navy alright, but not in Military Intelligence he was responsible for the Audio Video department. Don't spend your hard earned money with this liar.

-- Frank Firestarter



To whom it may concern,

I am a true believer in William Cooper. The comments of Frank Firestarter are irrelevant. All I got to say is read "Behold A Pale Horse" and find out for yourself. Don't let this Frank character influence you. He just simply cannot face reality.

Thank you,

-- BEN (11/17/98)



Who is Milton William Cooper?



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