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Definition for Terms Related to Paranormal Research





A human or an animal that has been TAKEN by an extraterrestrial life form.



Akashic Records


Like the biblical Book of Life, all lives -- past, present and future -- are purported to be written there. Edgar Cayce allegedly would ascend to the realm of the Akashic Records to discover an individual's past life during a trance-state he would fall in to. Apparently some kind of universal database for every thought, word, or deed that has ever transpired in the earth.





Experimental science which causes an actual reduction in Gravity, usually involving the use of very high voltages. There have been several past experiments involving Anti-Gravity, such as those conducted by John Searle, who created a number of "Searle Discs" that could achieve considerable heights of 50 feet or more. T. Townsend Brown was also successful in creating an anti-gravity device by identifying the relationship between Gravity and high voltages. His work with Dr. P.A Biefield resulted in conclusions that later became known as the Biefield-Brown Anti-Gravity Effect.





Ball Lightning


A very rare and somewhat controversial phenomenon in which a small glowing sphere of light is witnessed, drifting through the air following a lightning strike. In most cases the ball lightning will last for only a minute or so before dissipating. There have been many accounts of ball lightning over the years. In one particularly notable case, a woman named Kitty Cox was out walking her dog in Scotland in 1966, when following a lightning strike she witnessed what she described as a 'luminous orange ball' drifting towards her. The ball went past her very rapidly, and was said to be 'hissing' with electrical charge. Some scientists believe that ball lightning is a sphere of plasma, and this seems to be the prevailing theory of the moment. Others however, remain skeptical.



Biefield-Brown Anti-Gravity Effect


While researching the effects of X-rays generated from a Coolidge tube, American physicist, T. Townsend Brown found a relationship between gravity and high voltage. Press reports state that a 2 foot diameter disc was made to fly around a central pole when tethered and excited with a potential of 50 KiloVolts. The disc circled the pole at almost 12 MPH.Later improvements using 3 foot discs driven by potentials of 150 KiloVolts and up yielded results so spectacular that the test results were classified. Working in conjunction with Dr. P.A. Biefield, Brown found that highly charged capacitors when properly suspended showed a tendency to move relative to the gravitational force. When the poles of a freely suspended charged capacitor were placed on a horizontal axis, a forward thrust would be produced which would move the capacitor in the direction of the positive pole. The direction of thrust would reverse in conjunction with a polarity change. This is the phenomenon known as the Biefield-Brown Effect.Anti-gravity was demonstrated by placing the capacitor on a beam balance and charging it. When the positive pole pointed upwards, the condenser would move to a point of equilibrium, when the positive pole was pointed downwards, the balance would show a downward deflection.





A front operation for the Illuminati who have made a secret deal with aliens who are going to conquer the world. The entire operation uses a top secret base on the moon which is of course why we never went back to the moon, the Illuminati don't want us to.


The headquarters of this group is Geneva, Switzerland. The Bilderbergs evolved into a secret world government that now controls everything. The United Nations was then, and is now, an international joke. (source: The Secret Government - The NSA )


Document: Bilderberg 95 Attendees



Bimini Road


The Bimini Road, sometimes called the Bimini Wall, is an underwater rock formation near North Bimini island in the Bahamas. The Road consists of a 0.8 km (0.5 mile) long northeast-southwest linear feature composed of roughly rectangular to subrectangular limestone blocks.


Bimini Road


Document: The Bimini Road



Brookins Report


The U.S. government paid for this study on the possible implications of space discoveries, including alien artifacts. During this time, NASA adopted a policy keeping any UFO-related discoveries secret.




Candle Wick Effect

A known effect that is thought to explain Spontaneous Human Combustion cases in which the charred remains of the victim are found in an otherwise untouched room of their house. It is thought that a victim of apparent SHC may fall and become unconscious in the vicinity of a naked flame, such as a fireplace or candle. In certain circumstances once the victim's clothes had caught fire, the body and clothes of the victim would act as a sort of inside out candle, with the clothes acting as a wick, and the victim's own body fat acting as the candle wax. This would result in a fierce but localised fire that would burn the body of the victim over the course of several hours. It is now believed that this explains SHC cases such as that of Mary Reeser.


Research: Spontaneous Combustion




El Chupacabras, "the goat sucker", initially reported in Puerto Rico and Latin America. (pronounced chew-pah-khab-rah), it's a scaled, winged and fanged alien/beast that reportedly sucks the blood out of livestock.




Its origin has been traced to South American farmers, who blame the creature for sabotaging their livestock. The lore made its way to Puerto Rico, Florida and even the Rio Grande Valley and Latin America.



Condon Report


In 1966 the US Air Force commissioned the University of Colorado to make a scientific study of UFOs which was to be headed by Dr Edward Condon.


In 1969 they published 'Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects' which set out to convey to the public an image of scientific impartiality, whilst systematically debunking the subject.


Documents released under the FOIA show that the CIA have a heavy involvement in the report and that CIA was responsible for the reports biased negative conclusions.


The findings of the Condon report were used to officially close down Project Blue Book.



Coral Castle


A stone structure created by the Latvian American eccentric Edward Leedskalnin north of the city of Homestead, Florida in Miami-Dade County at the intersection of U.S. 1 (South Dixie Highway) and Southwest 157th Ave. The structure comprises numerous megalithic stones (mostly limestone formed from coral), each weighing several tons. It currently serves as a privately-operated tourist attraction. Coral Castle is noted for the mystery surrounding its creation, considered to be built single handedly by Leedskalnin using magnetism and/or supernatural abilities.





Crystal Skulls


A variety of crystal skulls have been discovered in parts of Mexico and Central America, most of them composed of clear rock quartz crystal. They have been found in a variety of sizes, and range in date from thousands of years to more recent contemporary versions. The exact purpose and origin of the skulls has yet to be determined, but it is thought that they would have had some religious significance to the people who created them, mainly because most of them have been found in tombs. At present around 50 such ancient Crystal Skulls have been found, and although a lot about them has been discovered, we have yet to solve the mystery as to exactly why they were created.






A strategy used by the governments of the world to conceal any knowledge they have of UFOs. It involves the intentional distribution of false information to mislead the public and discredit people who claim to have evidence of UFOs or alien lifeforms.



Drake Equation


In 1961, astronomer Frank Drake set out to develop a scientific formula to calculate the number of technological civilizations that might exist in the universe. Known as the Drake Equation, the formula identifies factors that might play a role in the development of such civilizations.


Document: Drake Equation





Deep Underground Mountain Base.



Durant Report


Was the official document released by THE ROBERTSON PANEL, a secret group of men who, from January 14-17, 1953, attended meetings at the Pentagon about the UFO phenomenon. They came to the conclusion that all sightings were explainable, but also recommended that infiltration monitoring of UFO groups was important for national security.




Element 115


Some claim Element 115 is a yet-undiscovered substance that has connections with UFOs.  tt is said to be used in anti-matter reactors in UFOs.


Element 115 is the substance that should appear as number 115 in the Periodic Table. This substance has yet to be created on Earth.


When bombarded with protons Element 115 changes to Element 116 which then decays back to 115, releasing a small amount of anti-matter along the way.


This is the substance that Robert Lazar allegedly came into contact with while working on recovered UFO's at Area 51 in Nevada. It apparently is used as part of the UFO propulsion system and is used to generate 'anti-gravity'.


Lazar claims, Element 115, when modified a certain way by different combinations of protons, neutrons, and electrons, will produce a stable form of itself. This combination releases a larger and more powerful gravitational field than most elements. This gravitational force is not like that which holds us to the earth and all the planets in orbit. Rather, it produces a field of the kind that holds atoms together. I'm not really sure how it is done, but somehow they manifest this gravitational field to 'bend' and 'fold' the space-time continuum and travel in a non-linear fashion. This process would most closely relate to the 'warp' capabilities in the star trek series whereas the craft really stays still, but merely 'pulls' space around it. this method of propulsion corresponds clearly with Einstein's theories regarding space-time. This is also a good explanation for UFO 'witnesses' claiming the crafts hovering, then suddenly 'jumping' away at a tremendous speed, or disappearing altogether.





A weapon to destroy the alien underground bases. It is a missile capable of penetrating 1000 meters of Tufa/hard packed soil such as that found in New Mexico with no operational damage. Missile apogee not to exceed 30,000 feet AGL and impact must not deviate in excess of 50 meters from designated target. The device will carry a 1 megaton nuclear warhead.



Fast Walker


MAY 5, 1984, an alert was triggered at the North America Air Defense Command. Moving at 22,000 miles per hour, it was heading toward Earth and had been determined to NOT be incoming ballistic missiles, or any other type of conventionally explainable object. Once tracked, it was code-named "Fast Walker".



Fermi Paradox


The Fermi Paradox states that if there is a huge number of alien civilizations in the universe, many of which have been in existence for eons, it would follow that such civilizations would have made obvious contact with Earth or left evidence of their existence. The paradox is often cited as a refutation of the Drake Equation.



Foo Fighter


A fireball type UFO. It was originally called the "Feurball" and that it was first built at an aeronautical establishment in Weiner Neustatt, with the help of the Flugfunk Forschungsanstalt of Oberpfaffenhoffen (FFO). According to Vesco, the craft was a flat, circular flying machine, powered by a special turbojet engine, which was used by the Germans during the end of the war. Vesco also claims that the basic principles of the "Feurball" were later applied to a much larger craft called the "Kugelblitz" or Ball Lightning Fighter. This craft, which was rumored to be a revolutionary kind of supersonic aircraft- was successfully conducted over the underground complex of Kahla, in Thuringia, some time during February of 1945.


Shiny metallic spheres seen floating in the skies during World War II. After the war, neither side claimed to know anything about them. This term is now sometimes used to describe any UFO that displays aggressive maneuvers. Also the name of a popular, late-1990s rock-and-roll band fronted by musician Dave Grohl.



Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)


Enacted by the U.S. Congress of 1966 to increase public access to government records. It provided that any records, documents, memoranda, statements of policy, and other similar materials be made available to persons requesting them. Certain documents were exempted from disclosure, including, for example, documents relating to national security, trade secrets, ongoing investigations, and maps of minerals and wells. Since the FOIA Act, many UFO researchers have obtained documents indicating that UFOs are the subject of much investigation and secrecy. There are still many UFO documents that have not been released despite various court cases by groups such as CAUS.


Document: FOIA Kit.




Gravity Distortion


Supposedly used in time travel. It is yet to be invented/discovered. Per; John Titor






Stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It's being assembled on a military base in Alaska, by the Air Force and the Navy. It has several parts, most interesting being the IRI, for Ionospheric Research Instrument. IRI is the largest HF radio transmitter ever built. It is designed to concentrate several megawatts into an intense beam of almost unimaginable strength, through miles of planar antenna arrays on the "short wave" band.




There is a very well-researched and informative article on HAARP in the Oct/Nov 1994 issue of Nexus magazine. The contact info for the author is:


Nick Begich Jr.

PO Box 201393

Anchorage, AK 99520



Nick is the son of the late Alaskan Congressman Nick Begich Sr.


Document: The Military's Pandora's Box



Hangar 18


Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio, is the alleged storage facility for UFO crash retrievals.




Hair-covered bipedal primate. Popularly known in the west as "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch," and "The Abominable Snowman" or "Yeti."




Document: Hominoid Overview



Hynek Classification System


Dr. J. Allen Hynek invented the HYNEK CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM, which is used to categorize the various types of UFO sightings. It later served as a jumping-off point for the more-detailed Vallee Classification System. More.






Illuminati means "in the know" or "one who knows" so you want another twist on the illuminati? People are calling the MJ12 and other governmental associations the Illuminati, but when I first heard it and didn't know what it meant, I was told that it was for the ones who are contacted. Later as I found out what it meant, it all made good sense. Illuminati are not a secret governmental branch or organization, although they may use that name, but they are "the ones in the know because they are the contactees".




The insertion of a 3mm spherical device through the nasal cavity of the abductee into the brain. The device is used for the biological monitoring, tracking, and control of the abductee.


Implementation of Posthypnotic Suggestion to carry out a specific activity during a specific time period, the actuation of which will occur within the next 2 to 5 years.


Implants is the term used for any device placed on or inside a human body by aliens, or beings alleged to be aliens, for the purpose of tracking or controlling human subjects.




Jason Society


This society was started by President Dwight D. Eisenhower to find out if there is life in the universe beyond Earth. See also: MAJESTIC-12. (AKA: JASON SCHOLARS)




Kerr Black Hole


Spinning or electrified black hole.


Fortunately, most black holes are not static. They spin. Spinning black holes are often referred to as Kerr black holes. A Kerr black hole has two interesting properties. One, they have two event horizons and two, the singularity is not a point, it looks more like a donut. These odd properties also have a pronounced affect on the black hole's gravity. There are vectors where you can approach the singularity without being crushed by gravity.




Another other more interesting result of passing through a donut singularity is that you travel through time by passing into another universe or worldline. Please see Penrose diagrams for Kerr Black holes or you can examine the calculations of Frank Tipler.


(AKA: Kerr singularity )




Living Fossil


A term used to refer to a creature that is still alive today, but is or was thought to have become extinct. Maurice Burton wrote that "a living fossil is an organism that has survived beyond it's era". The most famous example of a Living Fossil is the Caolacanth, which was thought to have been extinct for millions of years until a live one was caught in the 1930's.



Lunar Transient Phenomena (LTP)

Beginning several hundred years ago, certain areas of our Moon have consistently displayed light and object phenomena having no clear explanation.




MJ-12 is the super- secret organization which controls UFO surveillance and interdictions, retrievals and analysis of recovered extraterrestrial spacecraft and occupants, and public access to any information about these matters (Majority Twelve, Majestic Twelve) formed by President Harry Truman on 09/24/47 The first face to face meeting between agents of MAJESTIC TWELVE and the ALIENS occurred on 04/30/64 at Holloman AFB. A special area was designated and 3 Alien craft landed. A second landing occurred in May of 64. Contact, meetings, and communications have existed ever since.


The Majestic-12, or MJ-12, mystery was sparked by the 1987 publication of an alleged briefing document allegedly written in November 1953 by former U.S. President Harry S Truman for president-elect Dwight D. Eisenhower. The document dealt with government knowledge of UFOs, aliens, and other top-secret projects.


Document: MJ12: Myth or Reality?






The Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence gathers and evaluates all information, disinformation, and intelligence. The agency is responsible for all disinformation and operates in conjunction with the CIA, NSA, and the DIA. This is a very powerful organization, and all alien-related projects are under its control.



Mandelbrot Set




The Mandelbrot set is the junction of the two mathematical concepts of order and chaos. Any one part of the larger set is replicated in any part of the smaller set, infinitely. The beings responsible for the crop circles, in order to impress upon humanity their mathematical knowledge, created a copy of the Mandelbrot set in this field. Perhaps, they were attempting to show humanity a new form of communication.



Marfa Lights


Marfa lights are balls of lights that appear, change different colors and dance around in the air. These lights where named after the town that they have been appearing in, Marfa Texas. They have also been sighted in other areas. Some theories as to what they are include Ball lighting, Car headlights, and Alien space ships. The last current sighting I'm aware of was Marfa Texas on September 1 1992.


Multicolored balls of light allegedly are seen every night, just after sunset, in the sky south of Marfa, Texas. Many explanations of the phenomenon, which locals claim has been happening since the 1880s, have been offered by various groups, including swamp gas, car lights, ball lightning, and alien spacecraft.



Sightings - Fox Network

Marfa Lights - September 25, 1992


Document: Marfa Lights








Mohs' scale


The Mohs' scale of hardness is named after Friedrich Mohs, who chose ten minerals as references points for comparative hardness, with talc the softest and diamond the hardest (Roelf Marx, September 12, 1984).




Nazca Lines


A series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. They were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The high, arid plateau stretches more than 80 kilometres (50 mi) between the towns of Nazca and Palpa on the Pampas de Jumana about 400 km south of Lima. Although some local geoglyphs resemble Paracas motifs, scholars believe the Nazca Lines were created by the Nazca culture between 400 and 650 AD. The hundreds of individual figures range in complexity from simple lines to stylized hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks or orcas, llamas, and lizards.





National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS)


Describes itself as a nascent research organization that studies a variety of unconventional scientific theories.



New World Order (NWO)






A small sphere of light, often regarded as an indication of the presence of a spirit. Orbs commonly appear in pictures taken with a digital camera, but can also be seen with the naked eye. Many Paranormal investigators will try to capture evidence of Orbs at a location so as to indicate that some form of paranormal activity is present. There is still much debate on the subject of Orbs, many believe them to be little more then specks of dust, insects or other mundane objects, in particular those that appear on photographs. Those who believe Orbs have a greater significance however suggest that they are in fact evidence of a Spirit manifestation. Indeed, Orbs seem to be found quite often in locations thought to be haunted, however it is possible to create the effect in a photograph by throwing dust in front of the camera prior to taking the picture.



Ouija Board


A tool used to contact Spirits. A Ouija Board is a board or surface on which is inscribed or printed all the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 1-10, as well the words "yes", "no", and "goodbye". Participants will place their hand on a pointer object, often a glass, and contact from a Spirit is made by the movement of the pointer onto the letters and words printed on the board. It is usually customary to say 'goodbye' to the Spirit once the session is complete.





Portuguese acronym for UFO.






A troublesome spirit or ghost that mischievously moves domestic items and generally terrorizes people (and sometimes pets, too) inside their own houses. They are also reputed to generate unexplained noises, including loud bangs on walls or roofs. Occasionally, they are associated in the popular imagination with demonic possession.





Rare Psychic ability in which an individual is able to set fire to an object without touching or making any physical contact with it.




Robertson Panel


The Robertson Panel also known as the Durant Report was setup in secret meetings at the Pentagon from 14-17th of January 1953. It purpose was the discussion of UFOs and what could be done about them.


The Panel consisted of the following members:

Dr H.P Robertson (Chairman) - Speciality was physics and weapons systems.
Dr Luis Alvarez - Physics and Radar.
Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner - Geophysics.
Dr Samuel Goudsmit - Atomic structure and statistical problems.
Dr Thornton Page - Astronomy and Astrophysics.
Dr J Allen Hynek - Astronomy.
Frederick C. Durant - Missiles and Rockets.


The panel basically agreed that all UFO sightings were all explainable. However, they did recommend that a policy of debunking all UFO reports be instigated, and that popular UFO groups be monitored and infiltrated.




Scalar Electromagnetics


Per T.E. Bearden . Related to HAARP.



Scott Stones


Scott Stones



Spontaneous Human Combustion


Phenomenon in which an individual is found, usually within their own homes, with their body almost completely burned away in a fierce fire that failed to set fire to anything else in the room. In some cases SHC also refers to an event in which an inividual catches fire for no obvious reason, sometimes in full view of nearby witnesses. In the distant past Spontaneous Human Combustion was attributed to divine intervention - "By the blast of God they perish, and by the breath of his nostrils are they consumed!" - one such reference to a victim of SHC. One more recent and well documented case was that of Mary Reeser. On the morning of July 2nd 1951, her charred remains were discovered. The floor on which the ashes lay had been burnt through, even though there were no signs of fire anywhere else in the house. Experts have puzzled over how this could have come about. Recent research has now pointed the finger at what is known as the Candle Wick Effect.


Research: Spontaneous Combustion




Taos Hum


A mysterious humming noise has been reported by local residents near Taos, New Mexico, near the Colorado border. Reports of CATTLE MUTILATIONS and sightings of black helicopters in the area often coincide with this noise.





The ability to move an object with thought or willpower alone, without the application of a physical force. Some believe that Telekinesis is created by higher levels of consciousness, and that it can not be created by 'wishing it' to happen on the physical level. The energy to move or bend an object is created by a person's thoughts created by their subconscious mind. Only a select few individuals seem to possess this remarkable ability. It is believed by some that Telekinesis was something prehistoric man used instinctively on a daily basis, and modern humans have simply "forgotten" how to use it. Others believe that it is a sign that humans are on the verge of a new level of consciousness.



Tunguska Event

An enormously powerful explosion that occurred near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, at about 7:14 a.m. KRAT (0:14 UT) on June 30 [O.S. June 17], 1908



Trees knocked over by the Tunguska blast. Photograph from the Soviet Academy of Science 1927 expedition led by Leonid Kulik


The explosion is believed to have been caused by the air burst of a large meteoroid or comet fragment at an altitude of 5–10 kilometres (3–6 mi) above the Earth's surface. Different studies have yielded varying estimates of the object's size, with general agreement that it was a few tens of metres across








(YOO-fuh-nots) is a term used by the UFO community to refer to alien abductors or extraterrestrials.





Acronym for Unidentified Submerged Object. Underwater UFO.




Vallee Classification System


Was developed in 1990 by Dr. Jacques Vallee, Ph.D. Expanding on the HYNEK SYSTEM, Vallee produced a methodology for classifying UFO experiences that takes into account a greater variety of details, including the reliability of the witness and the possibility of mundane explanations.


Document: Vallee Classification System



Voynich Manuscript


A mysterious manuscript that in 1912, was purchased by a collector of rare books in Italy, Wilfred Voynich. Voynich was unable to decypher the language in the manuscript, and later took it back to America with him. The 'Voynich Manuscript' as it became known, consists of a total of 234 pages, and contains a large number of drawings, mostly of flowers. The book contained a variety of sections, including cosmology, biology, astronomy and pharmaceuticals. The manuscript changed hands many times, but despite much concerted effort, nobody has yet been able to decipher what the mysterious manuscript actually means.






A private government contractor that provides security at the Nevada Test Site and other government covert projects contracts.






A possible undiscovered species of Orang-Utan thought to live in southern China.




Yellow Book


At some point during the second year of captivity he began to open up and the information derived from EBE was startling to say the least. This compilation of his revelations became the foundation of what would later be called the "Yellow Book".






A woman who was captured in the 1880's in the western Caucausus region of Abkhazia. Referred to as an Abnuaaya, or Alma, she resembled a Neanderthal rather than a human, with unusual features and a full coat of hair from head to toe. She was also very powerful, and could easily outrun even horses, and swim across fast flowing rivers. While in captivity she gave birth to several children, who were also physically tougher than normal and dark skinned, but with no other apparent unusual characteristics.




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