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Under The Oceans

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Under The Oceans


Author: Tony Dodd


For some years I have had good reason to believe that world governments, headed by the Americans, not only have contact with alien races, but have reciprocal agreements with them, allowing certain species to come and go around our planet without hindrance. I also believe that certain species visiting this Planet are hostile by nature and come to us without invitation. I am of the opinion that that at least one of these types are responsible for the animal/human mutilations. The big problems faced by governments in these cases is how to deal with them. How do they stop creatures with vastly superior technology from coming here and committing various hostile acts such as abductions and mutilations. Those of you who have read my book 'Alien Investigator' will know that I have contact with certain diplomats who not only confirm meetings have been taking place between some government officials and an alien race, but have been receiving assistance from this race to advance technology to enable us to meet hostile aliens on a level playing field. My contacts have been present at these meetings and have met these aliens who are benevolent towards us but will not act with aggression towards any life form unless in self defence, but they are prepared to help us advance our technology.



The fact that alien species are visiting this planet is now beyond question. The fact that alien bases exist on the earth is almost certain and just as certain is the fact that alien bases exist in the deep oceans. I have collected a substantial file of evidence to suggest that there are alien bases under the sea in many parts of the world, including the North Atlantic, and that these are protected by a high level conspiracy. Since I first brought it out into the open, other researchers have found evidence to support this. The North Atlantic seems to be very significant and is possibly the largest sea base in European waters. Other reported underwater bases are in South America waters- in the areas of Puerto Rico and Brazil- in Antarctica and other deep unobserved areas of ocean.


From an alien point of view it is a logical choice. Three quarters of the earth is covered with water, and assuming that their technology is so superior to anything we know about, they can cope easily with the transformation from water to air, the North Atlantic is relatively unobserved. To us it is a difficult, dangerous stretch of water; to them it is good camouflage, and a mineral rich seabed. (Which I believe is a major part of the attraction).


Iceland has long been the centre of many stories about UFO incidents and alien sightings, but it was a sequence of events in the winter of 1992 that alerted me to the scale of activity in the Arctic Circle.


Iceland played a crucial role during the Cold War years, with huge radar bases built around its coast to monitor the activities of the Soviet Fleet, slipping out into the Atlantic from their Barents Sea bases. On many occasions, fighter planes were scrambled to pursue blips on the radar that turned out to be encounters with UFOs. Iceland is rich in legend and folklore and its people have many strange tales to tell of small creatures seen on the glaciers, particularly the Snaefellsjokull glacier, where residents leave food out for the little grey people who live under the glacier.


In the winter of 1992, there were dozens of UFO sightings in the north of Scotland, causing a flurry of media interest as literally hundreds of witnesses reported seeing strange shapes and lights in the sky. But there was one incident that did not get reported in the national press. On the 20th. December, near the Orkney Islands, a UFO was tracked on radar and a fighter plane ordered up to intercept it. I heard from a reliable source, that the plane and UFO merged on the radar screen, just as had happened with Foxtrot 94, and that again radio contact was lost. A search and rescue plane took off, and hours later made a mysterious discovery. In a remote inhospitable stretch of the Orkneys the plane was found intact in an area where it would have been impossible to carry out a controlled landing. The pilot was missing.


While I was making enquiries about this incident, which I never managed to verify, I stumbled upon my biggest and most important investigation ever: the Icelandic affair. On the same date 20th. December, an Icelandic naval source of mine telephoned to say that three large UFOs had been tracked coming down and entering the sea off the East coast of Iceland, close to langeness. Other witnesses confirmed seeing these UFOs, and they were also tracked on radar. The following day Icelandic fishermen reported seeing large, fast moving underwater craft with flashing coloured lights. They appeared to be tracked by (or be tracking) a glowing object in the sky which was travelling south in the direction of Scotland. The underwater craft caused a great deal of damage to the trawl nets of the fishing boats.


The fishermen, a hardy bunch used to pitting their strength and endurance against the huge seas and bitter cold of the Arctic Circle, were disturbed and alarmed by the strange underwater craft. They knew that they were not submarines: they travelled far too fast and they had never seen submarines with coloured flashing lights. After reports from the crews of the fishing boats, patrol boats from the National Icelandic Coastguard were dispatched to the area.


On 23rd December, two gun boats from the Icelandic navy and a coastguard vessel were sent ' on observations' to Langeness. The crews were given no information about why they were there, but I heard later from one of the seamen that a sense of unease pervaded the atmosphere on board the naval vessel. They were joined in the area by a fleet of NATO warships that were officially on a 'naval exercise', despite the fact that it was Christmas. Newspaper stories reported the fleet was tracking large underwater craft, thought to be a new breed of Russian super submarine. On Christmas Eve, the crew of two British hunter killer submarines were suddenly recalled from leave and sent to rendezvous with the fleet. If it was only an exercise, it was done at the worst possible time for morale, as these men had just settled down with their families for the Christmas break when they were told to return to their ships instantly. The only justification they were given was that they were taking part in something important.


From my sources I know that four more UFOs were tracked coming down into the sea, in the same quadrant as the first three, and again the fast moving underwater craft were seen. Shortly afterwards An American ship was reported missing. All the NATO ships joined the search, during which one of the British submarines mysteriously lost power and struck the sea bed. Fortunately the power returned and the submarine resumed action. On the 12th January1993 the weather closed in hard, and the smaller Icelandic vessels had to run for cover of Langeness Fjord where they were forced to remain for three weeks, before taking up their original positions.


Whilst this was happening at sea, Icelandic radio was broadcasting reports of large UFOs seen over the mountains in the eastern part of the country, and residents living in the area of Langeness Fjord, where the Icelandic naval vessel and gunboats were enduring appalling weather conditions, reported seeing small figures on the ice around the fjord.


By February 25th 1993 there was an American flotilla of three destroyers within the Arctic Circle, and all other vessels were warned not to approach within three nautical miles. From outside this exclusion zone radar on the other ships picked up sixteen airborne contacts with the American fleet, and these contacts could be seen as bright yellow/amber lights descending from the sky- the distance involved meant that they were much bigger than helicopters, and the atrocious weather conditions meant that no helicopters would have been able to fly anyway. The lights appeared to hover above the American warships for a short time, and sped away in formation at great speed.


The following month, crew and passengers of an Icelandic Airlines plane travelling from London to Reykjavic reported that they were tailed by two large balls of white light from the north of Scotland until they were over Iceland. Then in April two Icelandic fishing boats went missing and the search crews reported white tubular lights hovering over their vessels. At the same time, the radios on the ships failed to function but worked normally again when the lights moved away. All the seamen involved in the search were warned not to divulge any information about what they had seen. My contact reported to me in great secrecy.


By 15th April, only two American destroyers remained in the area and the other vessels were ordered to search for a missing warship. The names of the remaining US ships had been blacked out, and their crews were seen wearing full battle dress. All civilian ships, including fishing boats were again ordered to stay three nautical miles from them, probably because authorities already knew that information about their activities was being leaked: I had been making enquiries in America about what was going on. The colleague I spoke to in the USA approached the Office of Naval Intelligence to ask what was happening off the coast of Iceland, outlining to the woman intelligence officer some of the reports we had received about underwater craft and a missing US ship. The officer jokingly dismissed it all as rubbish and rumour, saying that she would have been aware of anything like that. She promised to make a couple of phone calls to check it out. Some time later my American friend received a call from the Office of Naval Intelligence: this time the tone had changed and the same officer demanded to know where the information had come from. This time her attitude was aggressive and threatening.


Immediately after this my direct ship to shore contact with the flotilla ceased: my contact next rang me when he was back on shore. There had been a huge clampdown on calls after it was reported that information that could have only come from the vessels taking part in the exercise was being leaked. Also in the middle of April, Russian naval vessels joined the party in the North Atlantic: they appeared to be co-operating with the NATO ships, covering the mouth of the Barents Sea. At one stage a message between two Russian vessels was intercepted by one of the others, and I was later told that the message said: " We are engaging unknown underwater craft".


The unusual activities in the area did not completely escape the attention of the rest of the world. On 16th. April a British newspaper carried the headline ' Joint American and Russian Military Exercises About To Take Place'. The report said that for the first time since World War 11, American and Russian troops were working together. The exercise was said to be taking place in Siberia, with US troops being shipped in to Tiksi. Interestingly , Tiksi is the nearest Russian port to the area where naval operations were taking place.


I later learned from a highly placed American source that at this time a team of ' remote viewers', working for the US Defence Department, were asked to assist in trying to find the missing warship. Remote viewing involves using gifted psychics who can travel in their mind to a distant location and describe what they see. The use of psychics by the US Government is highly controversial, and was kept secret for a long time, but it is now well known that they were used in the Gulf War, and at other times. When asked to find the warship the psychics said that it was a Sea Shadow, a newly developed ' stealth ship' and had been towing a barge loaded with advanced surveillance equipment to monitor underwater mining operations carried out by aliens. It had suddenly disappeared, but they could shed no light on how. The idea that the aliens could be mining the area makes sense: there are known deposits of naturally radioactive material in this inhospitable area.


From this sequence of events, it was clear to me that something serious was happening in Icelandic waters, and I began to make more enquiries and collate more reports from other independent sources. A very close and reliable friend with extensive contacts in Iceland because of his professional links, helped me to establish contact with several fishermen, who now report direct the strange things they see. I only hear from them occasionally nowadays: they are so familiar with large black triangles, as big as football pitches speeding under the water, with coloured lights around them, that they no longer regard a sighting of one of these as worthy of report. Yet they know they are observing something very strange: these are seasoned sailors, working in difficult waters, where they have over the years, become familiar with Russian and UN submarine patrols.


I also have a good source in Icelandic Airlines, who has continued to feed me information about UFOs. Sighted in the air. There have been since 1993, been a couple of serious panics when strange objects appear to have attached themselves to planes. One pilot apparently nearly ditched in the sea as he tried to shake off two of them, one on each wing. Whatever manoeuvre he attempted, they stuck with him.


I became more and more fascinated by Iceland, not only was I getting detailed information about activity off the East coast of the country, I was beginning to feel a real telepathic pull towards the place, as if I was mean to go there. My friend with Icelandic contacts whom I cannot identify because it would prejudice his job, but also his role as a contact for future dealings, was very aware of an instinct to go to Iceland, a country he had visited several times before. He is not a Ufologist, but had become interested in the subject after having an encounter with a UFO. He heard me giving a lecture and recognised that I was talking about the things he intuitively understood. .I have since realised that he like me receives telepathic messages and we were both being nudged in the direction of Iceland as a scene for a possible meeting with the aliens themselves.


So in the spring of 1993 we flew to Reykjavik. We hired a light aircraft and flew low across the glaciers and remote regions, both hoping that we would somehow sense where we should go. There was no blinding flash of realisation, but we both felt that our instinct that Iceland was the right place was confirmed, and there was one particular area on the edge of the glacier Snaefellsjokull, that had a good feeling about it. We decided therefore to organise a UFO conference in Reykjavik, and bring in speakers from all over the world.


I continued to receive information about in the North Atlantic and throughout 1996 and 1997, the crews of Icelandic fishing boats, who took my telephone number with them to sea, they called in to report mysterious sightings, usually of the large black triangular objects. The reports came in clusters with a few sightings within days of each other and then nothing for a few weeks.


At 7.30pm. On Monday 12th February, 1996 I received a ship to shore telephone call from a fishing vessel in the Denmark Strait, off the West coast of Iceland. The caller told me that a huge triangular craft had appeared and was hovering low in the sky close to his boat. The transmission cut off as he was talking to me. He rang again, fifteen minutes later, to say that all electronics on the boat had suddenly failed. He said that he and the rest of the crew had seen the triangular object move away from the boat and suddenly descend into the sea. The moment it disappeared electronic power had been restored.


Six days later at 9pm. I had another call from a fishing vessel. The whole crew were terrified because three large black triangular accompanied by three independent red balls of light, had emerged from the sea and were hovering silently close to their boats. I asked if they were picking up the objects on radar; he replied no, but that radar was irrelevant, in view of the fact that the whole crew was on deck watching them.


He said the objects were close, hovering over the port bow, and completely silent. Although they were black, there were small lights at different parts of their outline. Again the phone went dead, and when he called me again it was to report that all the objects had vanished into the sea.


The following day another fishing boat reported watching a gigantic sphere hovering in the air not far from the boat. It slowly moved away and then descended into the sea. An hour later, there was another call from the same boat. The voice on the phone said, " There are now six large fluorescent-tube-like objects hovering in the air close to our position. They are blue colour and not making a sound. All these strange things are making the crew very frightened, we don't like this at all".



Two months later at 10.55pm. I was contacted from on board a ship fishing 200 miles South West of the coast of Iceland. The caller said, "You are not going to believe what we have just seen. We were close to a group of American warships and suddenly there was a blinding flash of light and one of the warships just disappeared in front of our eyes. I know it sounds crazy, but I can assure you it happened a short time ago. Soon after this an American boat came over and ordered us and other fishing boats to leave the area. Our Captain was happy to go, he told us to get the boat out of the area as quickly as possible and return to our base in Iceland. This incident has upset us all, but particularly the Captain. He is in his cabin with a large bottle of whisky".


As with other disappearing ships, the American authorities denied all knowledge. I was puzzled as to how, if not only ships but substantial numbers of naval officers and men were going missing, the whole affair was being kept quiet in the States: surely there would be anxious families kicking up a fuss if they were fobbed off without proper explanations. My American contacts, some of who had high level contacts in the US Navy assured me that silencing families poses no problem to the authorities, who know how dependant they are on pensions and other support systems. On the other hand I realise that the US Navy could have been testing a high-tech masking device, to effectively conceal a ship from the enemy. I have no knowledge of such a device, but that does not mean such a thing does not exist. The fishermen may also have witnessed some sophisticated Philadelphia type equipment in operation.


Throughout the summer of 1996, I received a series of reports of aircrew notifying their ground control of strange lights in the sky near them, which could not be picked up on ground radar: A keen researcher who was monitoring the air waves picked up messages from RAF and commercial planes around the coast of Northern England and Scotland which coupled with the reports I was still receiving from Icelandic aircrew, underlined that something continuous and unusual was going on.


In the autumn, two mysterious incidents happened. The first was a major UFO flap over East Anglia, after a red and green rotating light was seen in the sky over the sea, South East of Skegness. It was spotted by local policemen, the crew of a ship at sea, passenger aircraft in the area, coastguard officials and local residents, as well as appearing on coastguard and RAF radar screens.


Flight Lieutenant George, from RAF Northwood commented, "This echo is still on our radar screens and we can not explain this at all apart from it being a meteorological phenomenon but then again we have visual sighting also. The civilian flight that reported these lights as a flare was six miles away at the time. All very strange".


Flight Lieutenant Sweatman of RAF Neatishead said, "The object has still not moved, the London radar and RAF Waddington can also see it". Later Flight Lieutenant Sweatman commented to the press; " We have not been able to offer an explanation. The number of independent reports we have had suggest there is something to follow up. We will be investigation thoroughly".


The second strange event that autumn happened north of the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides, on October 27th, 1966 there were reports of an explosion, followed by burning debris falling into the sea. A huge air and sea rescue operation, estimated as costing as much as £200, 000, was launched and local residents assumed that a plane had gone down. But there was apparently no recovery made. I was given details by a contact with access to information from RAF Kinloss, where the first reports were received at 5pm. On Sunday, 27th October. The RAF station issued an alert to coastguards and other vessels in the area of something seen spiralling into the sea, then a helicopter and two lifeboats were launched. An RAF Nimrod, call sign rescue 11, was airborne, but poor weather and visibility meant that the search had to be called off by midnight. It was resumed the next day at 7am.


There were half hourly SITREPS (Situation Reports) from the Nimrod to RAF Kinloss. At 8am. A message from the Nimrod picked up by a researcher was unreadable, but Kinloss's reply was clear: " Confirm Six feet long and three feet diameter.


Officially when asked by journalists investigating the incident the authorities said that nothing was seen or retrieved.


A week later a NATO naval task force moved into the area north of Lewis on what was described as a routine training exercise and nothing to do with the explosion. The arrival of the ships was reported in The Scotsman newspaper on 4th. November. It was it seems a rather a large exercise: there were thirty two surface ships, seven submarines and eighty aircraft.


I have reported but a few incidents during these interesting times. I leave it to you to form your own conclusions as to what it all means, but there is very definitely something very secret going on which the authorities do not feel the public should know about.



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