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UFOs & Religion

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UFOs & Religion


It should come as no surprise to anyone that the occupants of UFOs have, in ancient times, been misidentified as deities. The 'god's of Greece' reappear in the mythohistories of various cultures and religions as deities ie: The Norse, Rome etc. As a trademark of their journeys, it is possible to construct a psychological profile of their leader based upon one very important fact, consistency. They do the same thing the same way, time after time.


By way of comparison, take the ancient Hebrews, Greeks and Norse. Their 'deity' made a base of operations in 'high and remote' regions - Sinai, Aasgard, Olympus. They usually attached themselves to a mythology and then, over a period of time, altered it. To the Jews they came as a monotheistic god. To the Norse and Greeks, who had more deity slots available, they came as multiple gods. Greece is the best example of the 'change over'. At the time the Olympians arrived, the god set of the culture were The Titans. Over a period of time, they 'overthrew' this belief system and became the resident deities.


Substantial differences appear between the God of Abraham and Jesus Christ. The former shows a consistent set of limitations. The same hindrances that one would have were he dependant upon technology. In fact, most of the miracles of Exodus can be recreated using 20th Century Technology. This includes the parting of the Red Sea. That which appeared to be 'miracles' were little more than a techie side show act.


On the other hand, the miracles of Jesus were done 'in your face' and there is no evidence of trickery or diversion as with the former example. To this point, great logical weight is added to the proposition that Jesus was 'unique'.


Today, mankind is much more sophisticated than the 'rubes' of 3000 years past. Less easily fooled or impressed with side show acts. Never the less and regardless of which religious philosophy one subscribes to, they originated with either angelic influence or from the deity himself. Therefore, each version is related. Further, the messaging is the same once you remove, or make allowance for, the state of evolution of the group at that moment in time.



The Jews under Moses possessed a slave mentality. When things didn't go their way, instead of getting tough, they wanted to run back to Pharaoh. Yet, by the time of Christ, they were much more self sufficient even though they were a 'conquered' people. There being a broad difference in paying tribute to Rome and being one of Pharaoh's slaves. Moses was forced to rule by FEAR while Christ attempted to make the transition to Love - a higher emotion and one more aligned with 'soul'.


Comes now 1995. How is all of this relevant?


If one were interested and motivated, he could draw a timeline from 3000 BC to current day showing that the prevailing powers that be are still here and operational.


Furthermore, one must note that in the Old Testament, a prophet was only as good as his last prediction. Prophets who didn't come through didn't enjoy a great deal of job security.


The prophesies accepted to be associated with Jesus are scattered around the New Testament. However, Revelations is the greatest example of all of this AND the information was CHANNELED.


The test of any prophesy is in whether or not it comes true. Unfortunately, this can not be ascertained until AFTER THE FACT. Revelations, therefore, gave a 'countdown' listing a step by step progression of events until the return of The Christ. Are this predictions going to come true? Based upon the history and the evidence, yes - they must come true. It falls to the readers of this work to make the 'leap of faith' to accept the signs and, hopefully, to avoid injury before the event occurs.


The verbal construction of Revelations is, what I call, Universal Formal. It is tiered. Those not possessing sufficient intellect, nor being advised of the various elements involved, will 'see' something in the work radically different from what was intended by the author. The universe uses this style to guarantee a certain state of evolution of mind and soul is possessed by he who would extract the truths from the document.



Revelations states that 'Michael and his angels' will do battle with Satan. He who does not know that MICHAEL is the CREATOR SON MICHAEL, he who in incarnation was known as Jesus, will assume it means the Archangel Michael even though it doesn't say archangel.


These assumptions are rooted in 2000 years of mythology and belief. Yet, the 'religion' of the universe is far simpler than any religion present on the planet.


Honor the Creator Father. He who is the source of all. Honor the Creator Son. He who executes the Father's Will. Beyond this....


You may do anything you wish as long as you don't hurt yourself and you hurt not others.


The rules of order provided to Moses were are all common sense things that were necessary for that time. Not eating pork in an unrefrigerated desert climate, made an inordinate amount of good sense. So were all the laws provided to Moses.


The universe has allotted 500,000 years for the development of ascendant life here. Defined, ascendant means.


1. A soul who has conquered fear (sin).

2. One who is of sufficient intellect to use that intellect and soul to control himself.

3. One who has looked into the heavens and seen the hand of the Father.

4. One who wishes to join those hosts and to start the journey back to where all life originated.


To this end, the Universe (One Voice) returns to separate the wheat from the chaff. The numbers that exist at this writing are 1.2 billion ascenders are ready to go out of a population totaling approximately 5.2 billion. It should come as no surprise that most of the people ever born are alive and walking the surface of this world now.


'Ascension' is had in two ways.


The first, and most common, is through the gates of death. Herein a soul is processed. Typically, the person's adjuster (guardian angel) accompanies him to an auditorium where others of the 'newly departed' have been assembled. There, an orientation lecture is given explaining what is, and what is going to be. There is no "Dawn of the Dean" activities here and it's all very civilized. I said my farewells to my grandmother and my mother in law at the doors of this facility.


Due to the high volumes of people who will die in the 'harvest', the universe sends many more here now to aid in the task.


The second method is rarely used, 'Physical Ascension', except in special circumstances. One such exception exists for this world.


The universe comes not only to reap its harvest of ascenders, but also to finally put end to the Lucifer Rebellion. Satan is, now, trapped on this world and unable to leave. It forms the first of what will be two incarcerations on this world. One as the deviant angel he is and one as man after Michael's return.


Included in this adjudication will the cases pending against the rebellious planetary princes and their staffs of angels. To this end, there will be a physical war in the heavens. As all of these worlds exist in the realms of time and space (man's domain),man is needed to help wage those wars. Those taken in the Rapture will be the volunteers for that duty. I have pegged this date at Feb/March 1996.


Is this a joyous or a terrifying event?


It depends on your perspective. To an ascender yes. To one who has chosen a life of chronic sin - it will not be so joyous. The wages of sin is death. Permanent death - extinction - the uncreation of the soul.


There is a universal truth that relates to both universe and The Father. Even up until the last breath of life, if forgiveness is asked, it will be given. Typically, however, those given to sin rarely make such a request. Instead they stand defiant raising fist against the heavens.


There is still time left. Look into your own hearts and know what is true.


Caligastia, Lanonandek Son #9344, Second Order.



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