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UFOs Have Been Covered Up

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UFOs Have Been Covered Up


From: "Dr. Richard X. Frager" <>

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Subject: Have UFOs been covered up//Yes!! Here's how!

Date: 16 Jan 1997 22:57:08 GMT

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Let's ask Stanton Friedman if it is possible for the government to completely cover up a story as earth-shaking as extraterrestrials?


SF: I think it's extraordinarily easy. In the first place, the good tools for getting the best data all belong to the government. They've got the radar systems, the closed communication systems, the aircraft loaded with instrumentation, the Air Defense Command and so forth. And all that data is born classified. If you were to ask me as a physicist what I'd like to do to find out about flying saucers, I'd say, well, you've got to have a system to detect them, then you need another system to monitor them once you've picked one up, then you want to communicate back and forth and get guys up there with instruments as close as you can when they're there. The government's got all of that, and it's all classified. So, that's the first thing: they've got a closed system to begin with.


Secondly, when we talk government, we imply--at least some people do--that everybody knows and nobody's talking. That's not how security works at all. I had a clearance for 15 years. The "need to know" concept is most important. As an example of that, I was working on radiation shielding for nuclear airplanes for General Electric. I would have liked access to secret restricted data on radiation shielding being produced by Westinghouse for the nuclear submarine program. I mean, a shield is a shield. You've got the same difficulties with light weight and that sort of thing. I didn't have a need-to-know for their data. I had the right level of clearance, but it got me nowhere. So, the key is compartmentalization, which was honed to a science during World War II by some of the same people who were apparently involved with UFOs post-War. How did we keep the Manhattan Project secret as long as we did. Two billion dollars in 1942 money, tens of thousands of people involved in the construction of enormous facilities that at one point were using eleven percent of the electricity in the United States, to blow uranium hexaflouride through little holes in a mile-long building--and yet, it was kept secret. Secrets are easy to keep, as long as you control the detection systems, the communications systems, and the interference systems, if you will. I've talked to a number of people who worked for Truman and Eisenhower. Every single one agreed that secrets could have always been kept, at least post-World War II. No problem at all.


Perhaps UFO debunkers hope to protect the public from the disturbing revelations that aliens have been here for as long as mankind has, or longer. And that a certain faction of the Military and the Secret Government have kept this information hidden from the public since at least 1947. The controllers of the UFO information must feel that it is their patriotic duty to protect society from possible economic, political and social disorder that would surely follow the Government disclosures of ETs visiting Earth.


Although the case for the flying saucer reality is far better than the case against most convicted criminals. If you do it on an evidential basis, you can look at things like Ted Phillips' collected information on over 4,400 physical trace cases from 66 countries. These are cases where the saucer is seen on or near the ground, and after it leaves, one finds clear physical changes such as burn circles and burn rings, landing gear marks, swirled vegetation, dried out soil, and so forth. People say there is no physical evidence. Well, if a footprint and a fingerprint are physical evidence, then the physical trace cases are certainly physical evidence. And the same things keep happening all over the world. The problem is most people are unaware of the evidence, even though there is a preponderance of evidence. Given the physical trace cases, the radar sightings, the photographs and the eye-witness testimony from people all over the world, we have quite sufficient evidence to conclude that our planet is being visited by manufactured objects behaving in ways that we Earthlings cannot yet duplicate, and that therefore were produced someplace else."



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