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Strange Artifact On The Ocean Floor (1964)

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Strange Artifact On The Ocean Floor (1964)




"The American ship Eltanin, owned by the Military Sea Transportation Service, was designed for use in the National Science Foundation Antarctic research program."


"On August 29, 1964, the Eltanin was a thousand miles west of Cape Horn," and just north of Antarctica, "and its crew was busily engaged in photographing the ocean floor, which reaches a depth of 13,500 feet (3,105 meters) in that area. A specially designed camera, housed in a metal cylinder, was being pulled along by a cable."


"Later that day, when darkroom technicians developed the exposed film, they found that the camera had captured an image of a strange device jutting out of the mud of the ocean. A central mast supported four series of cross rods, which made the object appear to be something like a cross between a television antenna and a telemetry antenna. The cross rods were spaced at ninety-degree angles and showed white knobs on their extremities. The mysterious object appeared to be man-made and seemed definitely out of place in the anticipated natural environment of the ocean floor."


"The specially constructed underwater camera had been designed to bounce along the seabed and to take pictures at regular intervals. It was only a fortunate, albeit engimatic, accident that the unidentifiable object had been photographed."


"When the Eltanin docked at Auckland, New Zealand on December 4, 1964, a reporter questioned Dr. Thomas Hopkins, senior marine biologist on board, about the 8 X 10 prints of the underwater anomaly. Dr. Hopkins was quoted as saying that the device could hardly be a plant, for at that depth, there is no light. Without light there is no process of photosynthesis and plants cannot live. Dr. Hopkins was reluctant about declaring the object to be man-made. He estimated the device to be about two feet (0.6 meters) high and specified its point of discovery as being on the 45,000-mile (72,000-kilometer) fault-line rift that encircles the earth."


"'If it is some strange coral formation,' Dr. Hopkins said, 'then no one on board has ever heard of it before. I wouldn't like to say that the thing is man-made, because this brings up the problem of how one would get it there.'"


The possibility that the Eltanin's mystery undersea antenna might be an alien probe from outer space occurred to only a few people. One of them was Hollywood producer Irwin Allen, who worked the Eltanin mystery into an episode of his TV series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea about a year later. (See the book Atlantis Rising by Brad Steiger, Dell Publishing Co., Inc., 1973, pages 97 and 98.)



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