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Signs that a parallel universe exists

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Signs that a parallel universe exists


A parallel universe is most times called a hypothetical, alternate universe that co-exists along side our own universe. There are claims that beings from an alternate universe created our own.


Scientists have long believed that there are an infinite number of alternate universes, and that we are merely living in one of them.


There are benefits to going to a Parallel Universe:


True believers are convinced that by going to a parallel universe you can fix your mistakes or see a long lost loved one again. It is believed that a parallel universe can help you gain the life that you want, but it should be known that when going to another parallel you should go with a happy heart, and attitude. It is believed that every person has their counterpart in another parallel, which represents their second life or chance.



Signs that a parallel universe exists:


Two scientists from Australia claim that they have evidence to prove that a parallel universe exists within the solar system. Some are as follows:


1. Existence of Unidentified Flying Objects or UFO's. Some people believe that UFO's have come to our planet from another parallel universe.


2.A Neutrino Detector found the existence of ghost like particles from space that are believed to be key elements in discovering other dimensions that exist in the solar system.


3. Research points out that a parallel universe can make impossible things happen. Researchers believe that mediums have special abilities and pyshic abilities that allows them to go to another parallel universe to contact the people who were thought to be dead, but are in fact alive.


4. Researchers also believe that spirits or ghosts come from an alternate universe, and they are seen in our world because they have crossed over the boundaries. Researchers also point out that spirits try to talk to us, but are prohibited because they are not from our world.


5. Physicists and mathematicians also believe that parallel universes are real worlds. They recently claimed that the making of the movie The Matrix could be the reality. The world where people currently live could just be a simulation of entities in the parallel universe using gigantic computers.


While there are those who undoubtedly believe in parallel universes, there are just as many that are skeptical, and until Science can prove otherwise, the idea of an alternate universe will remain shrouded in mystery.



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