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Moon Trips

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Moon Trips


Why Don't we continue to go to the Moon? "Haven't you asked yourself why after all the billions of dollars that we have spent to get to the moon, after the early 70's, No one, us or the Russians, have gone near the place."



All of the early space flights were accompanied by Alien craft. The later orbiting of the moon and the subsequent moon landings revealed a large Alien base on the moon. The craft on the moon are much larger than our biggest aircraft carrier. They account for some of the sightings which describe "football field sized flying saucer" or "mothership from which smaller craft emerged or into which smaller craft entered".


Due to the danger involved and the desire not to antagonize the aliens, further exploration of the moon was canceled. A projected moonbase was scrapped. Our space program withered while the Russians (from whom we kept the aliens a secret) surged ahead.


It was theorized that if the Russians became too aggressive in space the aliens would destroy them and thus eliminate the communist threat for us. This theory was proved to be wrong as the Russian space effort continued without interruption and became dominate.


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