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Is The Veil Becoming Thinner?

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Is The Veil Becoming Thinner?


By David E Twichell


MiMUFON’s Landi Mellas has made a statement numerous times in the past few years: “the veil is getting thinner.” What this means is simply that the boundary between our physical dimension and that of others is becoming more transparent and we are able to glimpse the other side more frequently and with better clarity.


My own close encounter UFO sighting helped to confirm this fact as my family and I watched the object emerge from one point in the sky about 500 feet above our heads, as though coming through the mouth of a vortex. This analogy has been echoed by many others who describe the scene as being “like the pages of a book opening”, “a curtain separating” or “the sky opening”.


If the Robbert van den Broeke case in Holland is genuine, it is a perfect example of another dimension bleeding through into our own. Multiple witnesses have attested to the fact that these beings slowly develop into our environment out of thin air and are recorded on film. Robbert is one of the growing number of people whose psychic abilities are being used as a conduit between our dimension and that of others.


If Royce Myers of UFO Watchdog has attached credibility (gaurded as it might be) to the Holland case, it’s genuiness must be seriously considered. Mr. Myers is the self-appointed overseerer of the UFO community. Although he is not a skeptic, he will lie in wait for a case under investigation to be proven a hoax, then pounce on the investigator with both feet. Often certain elements of a case will become questionable and good evidence is thrown out with the bad at the expense of the investigator’s good reputation. This opinion aside, Mr. Myers is willing to give credit to solid cases and he has all but given the Holland photos his stamp of approval.


Alien abduction scenarios usually demonstrate the merging of two dimensions, as people are floated through walls and closed windows, defying the known laws of physics. The late Dr. John Mack’s book “Abduction” more precisely illustrates the unquestionable effect of other-dimensional contact. While Budd Hopkin’s latest book, “Sight Unseen”, explores cases involving the invisibility of certain species of beings within our midst.


As evidenced in the article in this newsletter, anomalous orbs and gauzy shafts of light are turning up in more and more photographs, demonstrating that an energy is present that is outside of the normal range of human perception, yet is caught by the camera’s delicate eye. Some people, such as our late, great friend David Caywood, have the ability to sense or actually see these anomalies and can prove it by having someone take a picture of the area indicated with positive results.


Mr. George Ritter of Fostoria, Ohio constantly captures disk and cigar-shaped objects in the sky on video with a camera that he keeps positioned for that very purpose. When the video is played back in slow motion, the objects appear in only one or two frames. Birds, and bugs etc, that arbitrarily pass by the camera lens, are easily distinguishable and appear in several consecutive frames. This would suggest that either the anomalous objects are moving at a tremendous speed or they are popping in and out of our three-dimensional space faster than the human brain can record their presence.


An increasing number of average, everyday people have become unwitting participants in the “channeling” process, as they find themselves receiving telepathic messages from alleged beings that claim to reside in other dimensions.


Meanwhile, the volume of worldwide UFO sightings is growing as evidenced in reports to MUFON, NUFORC, Filer’s Files and many others.


Quantum physics is exploring the “why” and “how” behind these previously unknown and unaccepted principles that scoff at our grandfather’s science with an increasingly acknowledged reputation.


Is the veil between dimensions becoming thinner? Is this an example of those “seen and unseen worlds” that Paul alluded to in the Holy Bible? (2 Corinthians 4: 18.) If so, will these worlds, one day, merge as one? If such is the case, we are living in an amazing world at an amazing time. It is a world of multiplicity. It is a time of awakening.


David E. Twichell


David E. Twichell is a featured contributor to this WorldOfTheStrange website.

Contributions include: Blimp or UFO?, Channeling ET and the Orb Phenomenon, Is The Day of UFO Disclosure Near?, Is The Veil Becoming Thinner?, NARCAP Boss Snubs MUFON, Record Year of Dubious Renown!, The Global Implications of the UFO Reality, Trusting Your Sources, Anomalies Found in Roswell Metal, Understanding the Biblical UFO Hypothesis




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