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Is The Day of UFO Disclosure Near?

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Is The Day of UFO Disclosure Near?


By David E Twichell


With the recent admission of true “unknowns” in the skies above Mexico, the American truth embargo concerning the UFO phenomenon is loosing its effectiveness. Mexico is the latest country to officially declare UFOs as a phenomenon worthy of validation and serious scrutiny by the mainstream scientific community. France’s “COMETA Report” was the first to publicly release documentation of highly credible cases and conclude that the unknown objects are “real and probably of extraterrestrial origin.” Their analysis was suffixed with criticism of the American government for dragging its heals in admitting the same to its people.


Between November of 1989 and March of 1990, a virtual armada of triangular-shaped UFOs over flew Belgium. On two separate occasions, a pair of F-16 fighters chased the unknown craft but were outpaced and out maneuvered by them. By the end of the siege, the Belgium government was forced to conclude, “With over one thousand eyewitnesses, confirmed radar sightings, and military confirmation, the fact that an unknown craft moved across the country of Belgium cannot be denied.”


Surprisingly, this is not the first time that Mexican authorities have conceded an unknown presence in their skies. In 1991, as thousands of eyes looked skyward to observe the full eclipse of the sun, several disk-shaped objects were observed and filmed all over Mexico. Without missing a beat, the naysayers came out of the woodwork to identify the objects as nothing more sinister than “stars”. This explanation was given despite the fact that: (1) the objects moved as if by intelligent control across the sky while other heavenly bodies remained stationary, (2) digital enhancement revealed the moving objects to possess a “hockey puck” shape instead of round, as would a star, (3) many of the objects moved in front of passing clouds.


In the March 5, 2004 case in Campeche, Mexico, skeptics wasted no time in offering conventional explanations that, once again, did not fit the evidence. One theory was that the lights were pockets of some “unknown” gasses, even though radar returns showed them to be solid objects. Another explanation was that they were dying satellites burning up in Earth’s atmosphere as they fell out of orbit. What are the odds of eleven satellites falling from orbit at the same time at the same location? And since when do dying satellites terminate their decent to hover around a conventional aircraft and then disappear without a trace?


As the volume of documented cases by highly credible witnesses grows and radar and photographic technologies become more sophisticated, it is becoming increasingly difficult for world governments to deny the fact that intergalactic travelers with superior technologies are observing our comparatively primitive island, Earth. And still our world’s most highly advanced superpower refuses to budge from its position of universal supremacy.


Yet many will agree that Americans are being prepared for the day of disclosure. This fact is evidenced in the arts as well as television documentaries and a gradual transformation of attitude within the mainstream media. The polls continuously demonstrate an increasing acceptance of the extraterrestrial explanation for the ongoing influx of worldwide sightings. Meanwhile, ninety percent of Americans believe that their government has not been forthcoming with all that they know in regard to the phenomenon. Pressure is being brought to bear on those “in the know” by UFO organizations like MUFON, Skywatch International Inc. and others, as well as respected scientific organizations such as NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science).


If hundreds of thousands of American citizens, over the past half-century, have not been enough to force our government to show their hand, perhaps declarations by other world governments, such as Mexico’s, will. I wouldn’t expect the revelation to be simply dropped in our laps but I feel that recent developments will force an escalation in the preparatory process by our government.


It is clear that other world governments already view American authorities with distain for their lack of honesty in the area of the UFO phenomenon (we won’t go into other areas at this time). If the truth embargo endures much longer, the day may come when the visitors make their presence known abruptly and undeniably. At that juncture, any and all governments with prior knowledge will be left with egg on their faces. I firmly believe that America is far too smart to leave themselves open to such a fate. I hope that is not just wishful thinking on my part.


David E. Twichell


David E. Twichell is a featured contributor to this WorldOfTheStrange website.

Contributions include: Blimp or UFO?, Channeling ET and the Orb Phenomenon, Is The Day of UFO Disclosure Near?, Is The Veil Becoming Thinner?, NARCAP Boss Snubs MUFON, Record Year of Dubious Renown!, The Global Implications of the UFO Reality, Trusting Your Sources, Anomalies Found in Roswell Metal, Understanding the Biblical UFO Hypothesis




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