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How To Keep UFO Secrets From The Public


Publication #201 December 2001


By C.A. Honey




Over the years I keep hearing one particular comment over and over again. It is usually to the effect that it is impossible to keep information such as the identity or reality of UFO's secret for any short period of time, let alone for years. Let's refute this erroneous information right from the start.


Shortly before the end of World War II the final stages of the atom bomb were completed, resulting in the end of the war against Japan. The atom bomb development was kept secret even though many people were involved and development was completed within range of thousands of people. The laboratory was actually built within the structure housing the stands at the site of many sports events. Spectators were literally sitting on top of the bomb, so-to-speak, without anyone knowing what was going on below them. That incident alone proves that if a secret is supposed to be kept, it is possible to do so. In the case of the atom bomb development about 150,000 people were involved. This included the scientists designing the bomb, the technicians assembling various components, and the military people involved in enforcing secrecy. But what about any USA involvement with UFO secrecy?


With UFO secrecy an entirely different method is usually involved and has been highly successful also. Part of its success has been for the same reason the bomb secret was so successfully kept. People in general would have no idea of what might really be going on and for that reason no special steps were required to maintain the secrecy. But what about those who did have reason to believe something big was being kept quiet? Again a simple tactic was used. Since the concept is so foreign to the average person's mind, it was fairly simple to plant doubt about the incident, then continue with phony evidence, which would not only reinforce the doubt, but also eventually convince the observer that nothing real ever happened.


The technique was used with the Roswell Incident and was so successful that for over forty years they got away with it. Notice the first release was convincing to many people worldwide. Then the story was released with fake pictures stating that instead of a flying saucer, the object that crashed was only a balloon. The picture showed Major Jesse Marcel surrounded by pieces of debris from an actual weather balloon. In later years when Major Marcel stated that the photo of him with the balloon wreckage was staged to conceal the real truth, no one believed him.


It should also be noted that Marcel described the crash site area as at least 200 yards wide and three fourths of a mile long and covered with debris. Yet the Air Force described the area as a small site with a crashed balloon.


The public not yet used to the deliberate lies from USAF spokesmen, believed the USAF instead of the people who were actually there and saw the evidence first hand. That's the main reason secrets such as this are successfully kept. Even if eyewitnesses state the truth they are not believed.


Even today many people do not have the faintest idea of what is really going on in regard to flying saucers. Two viewpoints are immediately assumed to be true. On the one hand, many assume the government doesn't know anything about such incidents and is telling the truth when they say nothing is really occurring. On the other hand, many people believe the government knows all about them and is deliberately keeping everything under wraps and secret from the public. Here are the facts:


The government does know the facts about interplanetary spacecraft coming here from another planet within our solar system. Orders have been issued which originated years ago and have been updated and remain in force, even today.


The original order came down from the Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff. The various branches of the United States Services issued their own documents based on the JANAP document from Joint Chiefs.


The USAF document was entitled AFR200-2, 5, 9, in its revisions. It stated: "Any member of the USAF who reveals official UFO reports is liable to $10,000 fine and one to ten years imprisonment (Title 18, U.S. Code, 793)." The air force document further provided that "only hoaxes, practical jokes, and erroneous UFO reports can be given to the press. All genuine reports must be kept secret. Radarscope photos, parts of UFO's and pictures of genuine flying saucers must also be kept secret. The other branches of service issued similar documents based on the original orders received from the Joint-Chiefs-of-Staff. The orders still stand today.


Now after all these years it is easy to keep UFO information secret for another reason. A disinformation program was established to convince the public that the whole picture was a fraud and no truth existed in it. While it is second nature for the average politician to tell a lie convincingly, it is not so easy for the average individual to do so and maintain a straight face and a believable though strange story at the same time. To get around this drawback the government uses hypnotists to condition the subject to a point where they believe the story so implicitly they can pass lie detector tests. Then their story is allowed to go publicly. It is deliberately made so bizarre that practically no one accepts it as truth.


The result is that so many weird stories circulate, all contradicting reason, that the few that might be genuine are not accepted as truth either. You might say that the true story is hidden from the public because they no longer have any reason to believe it is real.


Many people refuse to believe that hypnosis is used or could even accomplish the results recounted above. In this case I can definitely speak with full authority. I have been a hypnotist for many years. I used to have a hypnosis center in Garden Grove, California where I not only worked with many people desiring to stop smoking or lose weight, but also taught doctors and laymen alike how to use hypnosis in their practice of medicine or their everyday life.


I was the first hypnotist in California to receive credentials from the California State Board of Education to teach hypnosis and operate a school. I also wrote the first standard hypnosis textbook used in my school and many other schools, even today, and it was approved also by the State.


Because of my experience I am fully qualified to state that any good hypnotist can make any normally intelligent person believe anything they might desire for them to believe. I say normally intelligent person because the best and easiest subjects are those of high intelligence. The lower the I.Q. level the more difficult it is to hypnotize them.


Disinformation programs were started many years ago. The story of Roswell and the participation of Major Jesse Marcel, related at the beginning of this article is a good example. Even when he stated later on in life that the photo he participated in was a deliberate hoax to mislead the public, no one believed him.


Then we have men like Philip Klass who deliberately makes up his own version of the "facts" then proceeds to discount them convincingly. This is easy to do since his version seldom agrees with the original reports of the witnesses.


You can imagine how a young person reading comments from Philip Klass, and not knowing his reputation, would assume his debunking effort was true. As a result, he would look no further into the subject and assume all flying saucer reports were untrue also.


It is well known that the CIA circulated many false UFO reports in the late 60's and early 70's to cover up any reports of secret tests the government was engaging in at the time. If a new spy plane was sighted it would be dismissed as just another UFO report from some "wacko."


To summarize: People tend to disbelieve anything that is new and contrary to their established ideas. Therefore it is easy to spread deliberate distortion of the truth to encourage that disbelief. Known authors, noted in their own field of knowledge, are used as debunkers of any sighting or incident that has the potential of being seriously considered by the public in general.


And finally, government spokesmen will look you in the eye and deliberately tell a false cover story to conceal the truth. Later on if they develop enough conscience to admit their part in the original deceit, no one believes them. They do not consider it as lying since they are defending national security. At the same time they say flying saucers are not a threat so don't be afraid of them. The average person thinks they must actually be a threat or the government would admit the truth. The public is getting two different messages from the same people.


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