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Flashing light by Moon

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Flashing light by Moon


From: Stephen Winsor <>

Subject: Flashing light by Moon

Date: Fri, 17 Mar 1995 13:03:48 -0330


My parents gave me a telescope for X-Mas back in 1988. It wasn't anything powerful -- at first I just looked at the surface of the moon and across the city to view Cabot Tower where the first transatlantic wireless message was received.


About two days after X-Mas, I was looking at the moon, which was nearly full, and noticed a blinking light near the top left hand side of the moon. After watching it for a minute I realized there was a pattern to the flashing.


It would flash about five times at one second intervals then stop for about ten seconds. Then it would flash again five times and stop and so on. I keep the telescope aimed near the moon and asked my Dad to look at it. He saw it and thought it was strange. I also recall my Dad telling one of his friends about it on the phone who was interest in astronomy.


The light was rather small (not visible by the naked eye) and was a whitish color like most stars. I kept observing it for several nights then suddenly it wasn't there anymore.


It thought it might be a craft or satellite of some kind but it was always by the top left side of the moon and didn't move from that position.


What could it have been and has anyone else seen something similar? I don't know if there were some space missions planned around the time of X-Mas in '88 -- that's most likely what it was.


It's not something that has been bugging me and I don't really need an answer. I thought I'd just share this with you.


-Stephen F. Winsor


Research Topic: The Moon

Document: Long Saga Of Lunar Anomalies



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