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Everyone Knows, And You Should Too

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Everyone Knows, And You Should Too: Popular UFO Information


Since ancient times, UFO's have been spotted. From the ancient people of Egypt and China, sightings have been recorded and stories have been passed on throughout generations. Today, they remain objects of mystery, seen and sighted but never explained.


The term UFO is actually an acronym that stands for “Unidentified Flying Object”. As such, the term UFO generally refers to anything that is sighted to be hovering or flying across the sky, but can't be identified as any known flying object, such as an airplane, a jet, kite, balloon, blimp, or helicopter.


Unidentified Flying Objects come in a host of shapes and sizes, from inverted trapezoids to the most common spinning disc, to simple flashing lights with no immediate evident source in the sky. Through closer examination of evidence a number of UFO sightings are sooner or later explained and properly identified, but there are just as many, if not more cases that remain a mystery even years after they were released publicly. There are also a number of UFO sightings that have been proven to be hoaxes.


A fair number of theories and speculations have been formed as to the origin of Unidentified Flying Objects. Perhaps the most popular theory or speculation as to what these Unidentified Flying Objects actually are refer to them as being aircraft of extra-terrestrials from outer space. Since the 1940s, numerous UFO sightings across the globe are reported every year, many of them accompanied by video footage or still images. Many of these footages and pictures can be accessed online, as the rise and popularity of the internet has allowed UFO enthusiasts around the world to congregate and share their experiences, theories and evidence through numerous forums and websites.


One of the most well-known and popular case about UFO's is the incident that occurred in Roswell,New Mexico often known as the Roswell Incident. Apparently in 1947, an Unidentified Flying Object crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Various debris and parts of the alleged flying saucer were collected, and some reports even claim that alien bodies were also gathered from the crash site. There are numerous versions of the events that took place in the Roswell incident, and after more than half a century the mystery behind the stories have still yet to be settled.


UFO's have also been ingrained in popular culture, spawning box office movies, novels, comic books, graphic t-shirts, and a host of paraphernalia.


We may never really know what UFO's are exactly, where they come from, and why they appear. But one thing is certain: the mystery of UFO's is one that has captivated, and will continue to captivate, generations upon generations of curious humans on planet Earth.



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