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China Turns Away Yeti Expedition Team

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China Turns Away Yeti Expedition Team


COPIED FROM: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ARCHIVES

Originally published on Saturday, April 9, 1988.




1988, Reuters News Service


KATMANDU, Nepal - Chinese authorities have told a British-American expedition that its members cannot enter Tibet to search for the Abominable Snowman.


Team leader Chris Bonington, Britain's best-known mountaineer, said their departure from Katmandu had been postponed indefinitely after a telex message from the China Mountaineering Association in Beijing said that it was inconvenient for them to enter Tibet.


''We've been told that their interpreter and liaison officer will not be there (at the Nepalese-Tibetan border town of Zhangmuwl) to meet us,'' Bonington said.


''Naturally I'm very concerned, because we may be losing a period of good weather and, of course, it also increases our costs, having to stay on in Katmandu.''


Bonington hopes to make the first ascent of Mount Menlungtse, a 23,458-foot mountain in southcentral Tibet with three British and American climbing partners in early May.


At the same time, a five-man party would search in the same area for the elusive yeti, or Abominable Snowman, using image intensifiers to enable them to detect the creature at night.


Last spring, Bonington led an unsuccessful attempt to scale Menlungtse, and some of his team spotted unexplained footprints in snow at the bottom of the south face.


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