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Alley Abduction 01

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Alley Abduction


Place UK

Date: 03-30-1988

Time: 05:25 am

Kind: CE4


The following article has been reproduced from the latest edition of UFO Magazine (UK). The article, entitled as above, was written by Tony Dodd, the chief investigator of Quest International, publishers of the magazine. Tony Dodd is regarded as one of the most highly respected, experienced investigators in the U.K., if not the world.


My reasons for doing so are that it is a rare account of an alleged mother and daughter abduction, the abduction accounts are exceptionally detailed and it contains some unusual and perhaps fundamentally important aspects:


A summary of the account follows:






It was just another call on the UFO hotline...


I asked the caller to relate details of what had happened and the strange circumstances which had befallen Clair and Barbara began to unfold.


"It was 30th March 1988. I was forty-five years old at the time, and my daughter was twenty-four. It was 5.25 a.m. when we left my house in Birmingham to go to work at a nearby mill. It was a dark morning and as usual we took a short cut down some nearby alleys to get to the mill which was about 15 minutes away. We had taken this route many times without any problems, but on this morning, we heard a strange distant humming sound but didn't take much notice of it, only to comment that it was unusual at that time of day."


"Suddenly we were both startled by a light which was shining down on us from above. It was like somebody shining a bright torch. We both stopped and looked up and became frightened as the light was getting larger and larger, until it was directly over our heads. I remember holding my daughter's hand and then starting to feel dizzy. The next thing I remember was walking along the alley with my daughter, but something was wrong. We were both in a daze and both walking erratically because we were dizzy. My daughter was wearing a leather coat which was dry when we set off, but now it was wet, yet it hadn't been raining."


"We felt very strange and when we eventually reached the mill gates we were confronted by the security guard who commented that we were very late for work. I don't remember much about that day, neither does my daughter. Since that time we have always been apprehensive about going to work in the morning."


The woman, who was called Clair, and her daughter, Barbara, felt that something had happened to them that morning...


...Further questioning revealed that both women suffered from a form of sunburn on their faces and arms after the incident. They also suffered from nose bleeds and a strange naval discharge. Barbara stated that a small patch of hair was missing at the nape of her neck.


The women agreed to undergo hypnotic regression. Arrangements were made for this to take place on the 12th March 1994. it was decided that Clair would be regressed first. This was conducted out of sight and sound of her daughter. Under hypnosis she was taken back to the morning of the incident...She was invited to remember all the events of that day, from that point and then left to tell her own story.


"We have closed the door and are walking down the street, not in any hurry, we have plenty of time. It's dark and quiet and we are talking about everyday family matters. We are turning into a narrow alley, it's our shortcut to work. I can hear our footsteps as we walk. I can hear another sound, it's strange...never heard it before, it's like a low humming sound...seems to be above us. There's a light in the air, it's like a torch shining down on me, it's getting bigger. We're frightened, holding each others hand. I feel strange, the light is now below us, we're looking down on the light. There's a moon above us, we're moving towards it."


There now followed a long pause and she started to talk again, she had a bewildered expression on her face.


"Where am I? A room, it's all white, everything is white, it seems to have a window all the way round it. I'm laying on a table, can't move. I've got no clothes on. There's a netting cloth over my legs, it feels wet. I can see Barbara, she's laying on a table next to me, she has no clothes on, there's netting over her legs as well, what are they doing?"


At this point I asked her "What is who doing?" She answered, "The little men." I asked her to tell us what they looked like and she said, "They're strange, only small, they've got tiny ears and big black eyes. They're very thin, they've got three very long fingers." Questions were then raised over the figures clothing. "They're not wearing any clothes and their skin is white. There's some around my table and some around Barbara's."


She then started to cry, saying, "I want my mum, I want my mum." She was comforted and told that nothing could hurt either her or her mother, and to continue to describe what she saw. After a pause she sobbed, "I've got no clothes on, I can't move...there's a cloth over my legs, it's wet, it's like netting. I can see my mother, they're looking into her mouth." Asked who was looking into her mother's mouth she replied, "Small people with big eyes, they have no clothes on. They have wrinkly skin. They walk funny, they waddle and they have only got two fingers." We asked her to describe what else was visible, and Barbara responded:


"There is something like a big camera on a long arm, it's hanging above me, there seems to be a window which goes all around the room, everything seems to be white. The little people are around my table, they are looking at my hands and feet. Now they are looking into my mouth. I can feel one of them touching my stomach."


"One of them has got a thin rod, it has a silver ball on the end, he's pushing it up my nose." She felt no pain and went on to say that when the rod was removed, the silver "ball" was missing.


Other statements soon followed:


"They are placing an object like a piece of wire into my ear. I can feel them moving it about. They've now taken it out. I can hear a whistling sound in my ear."


"They're now touching my stomach. One of them has got a glass tube, he's pushing it into my stomach, near my navel." She was showing signs of anxiety, but we quickly comforted her and told Barbara that nothing could hurt her.


"They're pulling the tube out of my stomach, it's full of fluid, they're putting it into a dish. They have got two wire things, they've pushed them into my cervix. I can feel it. They've removed the wires, there's something on the end of them, they're putting it into a dish. They have got something like a very large glass cup, they're putting it over my head."


There was a long pause before she said:


"They've taken the thing off my head. They're turning me over. I can feel them examining my back and legs. They are now touching my hair at the back. It feels like they placed a small circular object on my hair at the bottom of my head. it's pulling my hair, I don't like it. They've turned me over again, they're standing near my feet. They are looking at our packets of cigarettes, they must have taken them from our pockets."


She recalled how she was taken off the table and moved to a large screen in the wall. At the base of the screen were banks of red buttons. She remembered that the "man" taking her to the screen was touching her arm, his skin was cold and felt wet. He pressed some of the buttons and the screen lit-up; an array of symbols, including triangles and squares could be seen. Her abductors removed Barbara to another room where there was a strong smell of burning. She was shown some small biscuit-like objects which were apparently food. The creatures asked her to take one, and accordingly put a small piece in her mouth. The biscuit tasted horrible and she soon spat it out.


Following this incident she was then taken back to the original room where she saw her mother, now dressed, standing beside a very tall beautiful woman who had long blond hair and blue eyes. She smiled. The figure appeared to be wearing a type of silver-coloured suit; a blue badge with a triangular and circular insignia was positioned on the left of her chest. After dressing, Barbara was handed back her leather coat; one of the little figures kept rubbing it in his face as if feeling the texture. After feeling dizzy, she recalled being back in the alley with her mother.


...This report represents a condensed version of events as they unfolded during the hypnotic regression of Clair and Barbara.






Taking it at face value, with appropriate reservations, there are, as always, more questions than there are answers;


have the unusual netting covers been described in any other accounts?

why are they taking female "eggs"?

why show pictures of wars?

was there only one tall blond humanoid, mistakenly identified as both male and female, or were there indeed two?

is this a description of a "Nordic"?

what is the relationship between the 2 alien species present?

has the insignia been described in other cases?

do the "greys" have 2 fingers or 3, or are there different types of "greys"?

what was the silver "ball" implanted within Barbara's nose?

what did they remove from her cervix?

why give her food to taste?


Interesting to note that despite the abduction and enforced examinations and operations there was no obvious malevolent intent and that the humanoid "smiled".


I would be interested in any feedback on this remarkable account.


Perhaps one question is answered here. You can forget about sleep paralysis and associated explanations.





Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo Date: Thu, 1 Sep 1994 01:04:00 BST



Now she started to show fear in her face, and said, "They're touching my stomach, they feel cold. They're looking at my hands and feet. They've got a long glass tube, it's only thin. They seem to be pushing it into my stomach through my navel." I asked her if she was feeling any pain, and she replied, "No, but they have left the tube sticking out, they are now looking at my hair. It feels as though they are pulling it. They have gone back to my stomach. They are pulling the tube out, it's got fluid in it. I think they are taking eggs from me."


Clair started to show anxiety for her daughter, saying things like, "please don't hurt her." She went on to reveal that the small figures placed a cup- shaped object over her head. Some time later she was allowed off the table and taken to a wall where a large television-like screen appeared. One of the figures pushed some buttons. Symbols lit-up on the screen, including triangles, squares and wavy lines. The screen then changed, television-type pictures of wars, fighting and explosions appeared. She continued:


"It's strange, everything I touch seems wet. There are some other people standing at the back of the room. They are very tall, not like the small men. One is standing closer than the others, he has got long blond hair. He seems to have blue eyes. He is wearing a silver suit with a blue badge on the left of his chest. The badge is a circle with a triangle next to it, with two zig-zag lines next to the triangle."


After this she was allowed to put her clothes back on and began to feel dizzy and disoriented. She suddenly found herself back in the alley with her daughter who looked dazed. She grasped her leather coat and asked "How has my coat got wet?"


They continued their short journey to work. Neither person had many memories of the rest of the day, but Clair said "It was if we were working in a daze." They noticed what appeared to be sunburn on their faces and other parts which had not been covered by clothing.


Clair was eventually brought out of her hypnotic state and taken to another room to rest.


Barbara was now brought to the room and put into a hypnotic state - taken back to the date of the incident, to the point where she and her mother were leaving home to go to work. At this stage she was asked to recall the events of the day.


Barbara related how they left home in the dark to walk to work. In the alley they heard the strange sound. She then started to show signs of fear as she described the light shining down on them from the sky and how she first thought it was a helicopter. The light seemed to come down on top of them and they were holding each other in fear. At this point her speech became disoriented and difficult to understand. She was showing signs of stress. There was then a long pause before she continued. "I'm laying on a table without my clothes. I can see my mum, she's laying on another table."



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