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Alien Defense Shield

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Alien Defense Shield


In conversations with another abductee through the Compuserve computer network, we compared notes and noticed that the blue light dimensional doorway used to transport us out of our houses never hit a section of wall wherein there was electrical wiring. This raised some questions. Did the magnetic field in the electricity make for an unstable environment or was it the wire?


The theory of a dimensional shift states that to open such a doorway, one must rotate reality 90 degrees. I noted a parallel in how we shoot a beam on a two dimensional surface to see three dimensional movie images and found it reasonable to postulate that focusing energy on a three dimensional surface might lead to a 4D image.


I set a little test and didn't have to wait long for the results. I took a compass and placed a small magnet at a right angle to the needle. This established a tenuous magnetic relationship between the needle and the magnet. I theorized that as the compasses' on aircraft go haywire during close encounters with ufos, then my compass might have a similar reaction if it encountered the beam used to open the dimensional door. I put the compass near the most likely wall to be used.


The next morning I discovered that the magnet had been thrown about two inches away from where I had left it. I theorized that the needle developed sufficient rpms to act as a generator, developing a magnetic field sufficient to push the magnet away. Coincidental to this, I had one very sore testicle and scratches on my legs and arms I did not have when I went to bed. I tend to go ballistic during abductions and have mangled more than one Gray.


Taking the logic to the next step, I purchased 200 feet of common extension cord, four ceiling hooks, and a small fan. I installed the hooks about an inch outside of the four corners of the bed. Beginning in the middle of the cable I began to weave a pattern between the hooks and the feet of the bed. This resulted in five sides of a cube with and X pattern inside each square. I attached a fan to it and crawled into the cage ready to go to sleep, I hoped.


Ever since I had become aware of the abductions, I altered my sleeping pattern to vampire hours. Stay awake at night and sleep in the day. This proved to be annoying for my little Gray watchers. We had a nearly nightly ritual where at 11:00 P.M. I'd hear a thump on the roof followed, a few minutes later, by the burnt wood smell of the critter. One evening, I didn't feel or smell him around and decided I might sneak off to bed early. As I got on the bed, the bottom of it lifted and dropped several times in rapid succession and was followed by a guttural sound coming from the point the bed was being lifted. I lunged at that point hoping I could grab the little sob. I couldn't. It was as if he were saying 'No no no - you don't want to sleep at night - Well, we're going to make sure you don't sleep at night'.


The first night I put up the shield, I had a similar repeat of the event with one major exception, he didn't (couldn't) touch the bed. He stood at the foot of the bed making this unintelligible vocal noises. I taunted him to drop his shielding and to go one on one with me. He threw one serious temper tantrum. He stomped on the floor, went into the kitchen opening and slamming doors screaming what must have been obscenities at me. I knew, at last, I was safe.


Yet, I reasoned they wouldn't be so quick to give up. A few nights later, I got the beam test. As a laid in bed, I noted it was getting uncomfortably warm. I got out and walked to a corner of the room to see if it too was warm, it wasn't. The heat was localized to the bed. I deduced that an energy was being shot into the room. I returned to the bed and found the wires of the cage had heated up. The obvious and easiest solution was to turn the fan around and dissipate the heat. It worked and I went to sleep with no further problems. I still have periodic 'look see' visits from Grays - but they can not get their slimy gray hands on me.


I did not know then whether or not it was the wiring or the magnetic field of the electricity in the wire. The answer came in a very dramatic real time encounter on the Compuserve Network. I was having a live conversation through the computer with another abductee who lives in Hawaii when I noted the bump on the roof and then the smell. Almost immediately she started having problems of her own. What follows is a transcript of the beginning of what turned out to be an all night battle.



It is common in computer circles to use 'handles' just as cb radio operators choose nicknames for their identifers.


(Urantia Note - 9344 replaces my name for the moment. As I wish to establish credibility with you - so you must with me. )


9344: the f..king gray is back

AngelFish: no...

| there is something looking at me, Bob...I can feel it..

| I feel a stare..drilling into me...

9344: i heard the thump on the roof - but thought it might

be the building cooling from the day's heat. I can feel it in


| bedroom.

AngelFish: and I won't turn around...

9344: yeah - they know we're talking.

AngelFish: the cats kno

| F..K


9344: I always look - I need to confront the fear

| ok - got a gun?

AngelFish: thew security LIGHT WENT ON...

| NO

9344: wake your husband up.


AngelFish: the cats just knocked the table over,.,he didn't even


9344: wake him up if you can

AngelFish: Bob...he won't wake up...

| he's snoring his head off.

9344: dump some water on him if you have to

AngelFish: he won't wake up..

9344: water

AngelFish: Bob..

9344: YES

AngelFish: something's here

| on the roof

9344: get a knife to defend yourself

| theres more than one

AngelFish: light just came through the bedroom window...

| the light wasn't there before...something

9344: get the f..king knife NOW

AngelFish: was blocking it before...

| there's noise outside...


AngelFish: i can't move from here.








| GO

| GO

AngelFish: no

| it's

| alright

| ok

| wait...

| brb (be right back)

| all closed up

9344: what is

AngelFish: this is really f..ked...

9344: u ok?

AngelFish: doors to all rooms

| we're in the living room

| that's where the computers are...

9344: and he can't wake up?

AngelFish: two of the four, anyway...

| no

| that's not like him

9344: got the knife?



9344: did u touch him

AngelFish: yes

9344: shake him

AngelFish: nothing

| snoring...

9344: try the water

AngelFish: wait...

| chewing on nuts...trying to focus,,.

| he's totally disoriented

9344: ok - he's up?

AngelFish: no...asleep...

9344: did you hit him with the water?

AngelFish: his eyes didn't even focus...

| nothing to drink, or anything...

| just sound asleep...

9344: ok - i'll stay with you

| got the knife?

AngelFish: yes

9344: ok do you have something you can put over the back of


| neck?

| something thick

AngelFish: I didn't move any fans...but the ceiling fan started

| turning...on it's own

9344: the ship is on the ground - north side of the house.

| they are physically there

AngelFish: my digi-clocks just zeroed

9344: the ship blitzed the power supplies

AngelFish: get me the f..k outta here

9344: did you hit him with some water

| answer yes of no

AngelFish: the power seems fine...

| this screen didn't even flicker...

9344: your clocks are lower power settings.

AngelFish: but the clocks are all flashing

9344: easier to trip

| did you hit your husband with the water answer me.

AngelFish: oh, but this does suck...

| I wiped his face...

| no I didn't hit him with it...

9344: ok

AngelFish: he didn't even notice when the table went down

9344: listen - u have to stay in where you can 'feel' them

coming up

| from

AngelFish: they are not going to take me anywhere.

| f..k 'em

9344: behind you. they always like to blind side us.

| good girl

AngelFish: my back is to a window...

| not any more...

9344: they put a small circular metal thing on your neck and


| knocks u out.

| U have to do this strictly on instinct

AngelFish: oh...that's what that "hicky" is...

9344: hinky?

AngelFish: hicky...

9344: oh - okay you under stand

| you're alert - that's one against them.

AngelFish: looks like a love bite...

9344: that knife makes u dangerous - one or more of them

could get

| killed.

| They like to swarm u.

AngelFish: got that last week...when I woke up without my

| panties...and my T-shirt backwards

9344: All four at the same time coming from behind.

AngelFish: I feel them...u r right

9344: They are doing us simultaneously

| if you see them, don't hesitate.

| attack immediately.

AngelFish: looks like we might meet, sooner that we thought!

9344: no - these are not from the good guys.

| Derrel had eight people picked up for interrogation at

the same

| time.

AngelFish: i know...

| i smell them, Bob...

| I can smell them

9344: the freak when they know they're out of control.

| there's six of them total and one nordic on the ship.

AngelFish: it's like their sweat glands..

9344: like stale p*ss

AngelFish: they stink

| how do you know what's here?

9344: do you have any extension cord handy

| what do u mean.

AngelFish: how do you know...I'm wrapping the computer cords...

| already doing it...

| sounds like something growled...

9344: don't restrict your move ment.

AngelFish: no way.

9344: that's a grey - he's p*ssed - mine growled at me the

night I

| put up the

| shield

AngelFish: I put the other cpu between me and the window,

9344: good. Get some wiring around your body. This will

force them to

AngelFish: and I'm sitting on Bernard

9344: physically materialize if they want to snatch you.

AngelFish: putting wire around us

9344: Give u a chance to kill em.

AngelFish: Nintnedo tv has long witrres..

9344: kill them

| ok do it

AngelFish: turned it on...wrapping wire, as i type

9344: focus on your neck

AngelFish: send me a picture, at once.

| I have to have a face to focus on

| are you sure you're white,

| not gray

9344: looks like we're going to be up all night

| Actually - I'm pink

AngelFish: Bob...I feel a "quiet"...

| too calm...

9344: ok - they weren't expecting this

| they thought it would be a cake walk

| they're rethinking the situation

AngelFish: wrong...

9344: ok - what's your angle.

AngelFish: dog's growling at door and window...

9344: u have a dog?

AngelFish: two

9344: good

| he's defending?

| use his instinct - he see's them

AngelFish: the Rottie is going nuts

9344: good - keep them near you

| i didn't know u had dogs

AngelFish: I have a champion line Rottie...

| 18 best in shows in his line

9344: use his instincts. The odds have just gotten better. 6

to 3.

AngelFish: and a terrier, chi-mix...

| she weighs 5 lbs...

| and runs the house!

| she's the defender

9344: they're loyal.

AngelFish: her hair along her spine is up

9344: they'll go down fighting with u.

AngelFish: and she won't leave my side

| her name is Yoda

9344: do you have a camera handy

AngelFish: yes...

9344: flash?

AngelFish: always, since we saw that ship in March...

| yes

| Captiva

9344: ok - get it

AngelFish: got it, first

9344: ok, the next time you feel something at the window,


| around and

| click fast

| shoot from the hip.

AngelFish: ok

9344: is it autofocus?

AngelFish: yes

| it's open and ready

9344: ok - maybe we can get something here.

| good girl

| how u feeling?

AngelFish: i hafta go to the bathroom...

| but i'm not...

| i hope

9344: good - i'd prefer you wait.

AngelFish: you'd prefer..

9344: we don't do time outs in the middle of battle for a


| break.

AngelFish: I'm not leaving here...

| if it's not's a burglar...

9344: good idea. You're in the only room of the house they

can't use

| beam

| on.

AngelFish: something's outside of this room

9344: In the house?

AngelFish: out

| north wall

| like you said

9344: what's your phone number I'll call u voice

AngelFish: how'd you know?

| only one line

| ***-***-****

| should i call u?

9344: okay disconnect - I'll call u right back

| ok

AngelFish: 'k


This encounter was a simultaneous operation between Los Angeles and Hawaii. Apparently our conversation inspired intervention. Things were happening so quickly I felt it better to drop the computer link and go voice. This began at 9:30 PDT and ended (for me) at 4:30 A.M. PDT. Unfortunately, it did not end for Angel.


During the course of the evening, the bad guys made several energy runs at her. The dogs all went to sleep even though they were agitated to the max. Her husband was comatose and no amount of prodding was going to wake him up. I took the basic idea of the shield, wire, and told her to rap herself in it. She did. During these hours that she had the wire on - she did not fall asleep nor was any attempt made to enter the house even though the security lights outside the house kept going off and on.


Angel has a ceiling fan in her living room and it developed some decent rpm's during the course of the evening. Each progressive run resulted in faster blade movement as the ufos turned up the juice. It is interesting that the cabling she had wrapped herself in was not grounded and she developed a hot spot on one leg. I reasoned that this was where the energy was grounding out. Any magnetic field moving across a conductive wire will create a small amount of electricity. I learned from this event that it was the wire itself that intercepts and grounds out the signal. It was so simple.



I received the following message from Angel the next day.



Subject: They're H-e-r-e ! !

Date: 10-Jun-94 at 20:07

From: Angelfish


TO: 9344





Ho, Wadda Night!


Bob, as soon as I hung up the phone, all hell broke loose! I could not get an outside line on the phone, or you never would have had any sleep! They are really interested in my life...aren't they? Guess What! They must have known, that you were no longer on the line, cause the second the phone hung up, the fan went into hyper-spin, and then...BOOM...all the lights and computers went out. All power shut down...but the one ceiling fan, kept spinning. All the animals disappeared...and I went to sleep. I didn't want to...but I couldn't stop...I went to sleep. I woke up about 11:00 this morning...and I really feel like I've been used as a speed-bump. I have a long scratch on my left knee...three long lines...and a new side bruise...and my left ankle is totally swollen. really bad. I think I have to go to the doctor for this whole foot is puffy!


Feels like I tasted something pretty awful...the tongue doesn't taste sensation. I even had my favorite ice-cream, with Chocolate-Shell...and it's only "cold"...not Yummy. Now...I'm Pissed! :-)


I don't know what to think...but I'm not ready to reread the transcript from last night. I Think I'll need a shot or two, and I'm out of limes I'll wait! What happened to you?


Well, back to cage-building. Bernard's bitching about the ceiling hooks...but I am insistent. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it. girlfriend Sheila, came by last night...and she said the house looked Dark from outside...she says it looked like all the lights were off! We were on line at that time...and all the lights were ON...Bob, we were at the height of the activity...and I know nothing was off! What the heck is can the house look dark...when the fan was spinning like crazy, and we were on-line?


This Totally Sucks!...





This night turned out to be a chess game between me and the Nordic running the show. He made his moves and I had Angel counter. Unfortunately, I made a serious error in judgement that won't be repeated - I underestimated his cunning. From 3:30 A.M. until 4:30 A.M. things had quieted down and it looked like the fight was over. I was exhausted and wanted to crawl into my cage. Angel also felt it was done with and took the wire she'd been wrapped in off. This precipitated the onslaught that followed. Needless to say she was abducted and manhandled. Like me she puts up a physical fight and like me she comes back dinged up.


Several times during the course of the evening she asked me how I knew certain things. I've never seen her or her house yet I knew the layout, the location of the ship, the Nordic running the show and his crew of six Grays even though only four were working on the house. I have no explanation for this sudden psychic development except to say that I had a clear mental picture of the battlefield and trusted my instincts that it was accurate.


I deduced some very important things this evening. No one was going to enter that house while any of the living creatures in it were awake. The energy beam directed into the house had one purpose, to sedate everything in it. This implies danger to the perpetrators that they will not handle a body that isn't comatose. Based on my experience, I've discovered that if I am in just a normal sleep, they won't mess with me. To do so runs the risk I could wake up and when I see Grays, I go ballistic. They aren't inclined to take chances.


Angel now has her shield in place. She was abducted one more time after this event but before she had completed the shield. She was taken on the ship and shown the baby they had taken from her. They handed her the hybrid child. She reports that when she touched the baby a spark jumped from her to the infant. She said she wanted to take the child back, they said it couldn't live in her environment. She countered that she would stay with the child, they told her she couldn't live in their environment. As all the parties were occupying the same space and conditions, it seems reasonable the story was a lie. Angel has no children. Unbeknownst to either of us, we were fighting for possession of the hybrid incubating in her womb.


Angel is no longer being abducted nor am I. The materials for the shield cost less than fifty dollars. Granted it looks like Hell but I'm trusting that some clever lady out there will find a way to conceal it into the decor. As I'm single - who cares what it looks like - it works!


Submitted by Robert Westbrook



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