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Accusations Fly

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Accusations Fly as "ufologists" air concerns


By Bill Cox FLORIDA TODAY - and - USA TODAY News Papers


June 28, 1987


Accusations fly as "ufologists" air concerns


"Information is available to anyone who knows what to ask for. I think the records are compelling, and yet most Americans aren't even informed about it."


Dale Goudie, UFO Information Service


WASHINGTON DC - Two million people watched two mammoth unidentified flying objects cruising at low altitudes between Argentina and Chile on the afternoon of Aug.17, 1985. Soil and vegetation samples under-went significant biochemical changes following a UFO landing at Trans en Provence, France, on Feb.8, 1981. After cataloguing nearly 6,000 UFO's over 40 years the Italian government in 1984 directed its Air Force to keep a lid on the investigations. Such claims were made here Saturday by UFO investigators from around the planet as the International Symposium on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena entered its second day. The meeting, at the American University, drew more then 400 people, along with representatives of an assortment of media, including Penthouse magazine, the Voice of America, Strange Magazine, Omni magazine. The Soviet news agency Tass, WKSG-FM in Detroit and the People's Daily news paper of China.


They registered to hear international speakers from as far away as Australia and Great Britain accuse their respective governments of UFO cover-ups. Mr. Dale Goudie of Seattle Washington, displaying documents that report on Air Force investigation of a purported UFO landing at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico in 1980, asserted he was getting support from a handful of congressional leaders to conduct hearings on the phenomenon.


"We are not going after these things as UFO's" Goudie said, distributing documents that he obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act and that were compiled by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Goudie said, "We'er going after it as a national security problem," If these bases were indeed penetrated -- as they apparently were -- then the NSA ( National Security Agency ) should have interpreted that as an aggressive act, as an act of war. "


This information is available to anyone who knows what to ask for," Goudie said. "I think the records are compelling, and yet most Americans aren't even informed about it. For some reason, the mass media is reluctant to pursue this thing and I don't understand why. Tom Dooley of San Antonio, who said he worked for the NSA from 1978 to 1982, also voiced concern over the alleged UFO penetrations of Kirtland. "Yes, it does disturb me," he said. Not because there were necessarily these UFO's that got in but because it means that anything could get away with something like that. Dooley said the NSA isn't involved with collecting UFO data. I'm sure if they were so concerned about flying saucers, they would've said something to me about it, he said I was a founding secretary for the Fund For UFO Research back in 1978.


I made no secrets about it. I even had bumper stickers pasted on my locker. The premise at the symposium this weekend has been that UFOs do exist. In paying homage to the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a former Air Force investigator and UFO skeptic-turned-believer, Temple University historian David Jacobs said Hynek's death last year marking the end of an era. If a new era is emerging in "ufology" -the study of UFO's -it is concerned with the recent and prevalent accounts of people having been abducted for short periods by alien beings, some say. "Now, we're in a situation of looking back at the external characteristics of the phenomenon we've compiled over 40 years, and looking ahead to the motivations of the intelligence behind the phenomenon," Jacobs said.


We are on the verge of an intellectual breakthrough of incalculable....importance. For Zhang Yunwen, a Washington D.C. correspondent for China's People's Daily, the UFO symposium was too good a story to pass up. "No I have no information on attitudes of our government on the UFO's," Zhang said. I don't think our government is involved. But I do believe readers in China are interested in this. It's not religious, it's not superstitious - it's a mystery. You can be skeptical about this, but I think there are quite a few good sightings which need some kind of research.




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