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Abduction Overview

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Abduction Overview


There are many people who believe they have been abducted by UFOnauts. These abduction victims often experience memory loss and "missing time". some of them have been able to recall their abductions from memory and others have recalled their abductions by the aid of hypnosis. Often these encounters involve being taken aboard an alien craft and examined by the UFOnauts and put through a variety of physical and mental procedures. Then the individuals are returned. Many of the abduction victims have shown signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Some of the major researchers who have studied the abduction field include Budd Hopkins, David M. Jacobs, John Mach, Philip J. Klass, and Jenny Randles.


There are several groups with distinct opinions. The dyed-in-the-wool Skeptics, who who don't believe it. Others who are passing no verdict, but are still examining the evidence. Those who believe due to the similarities of the abduction testimonies. Those who claim to have information through means such as channeling. Those who claim to have had first-person experiences, with automatic conscious recall. Those who claim to have had first-person experiences, with recall under hypnotic regression.


The opinions of some skeptics such as Klass believe that the hypnotists themselves are leading the abduction victims unknowingly into believing that they have had an abduction experience. The skeptics believe that the the media has been saturated so much with the abduction material that when people having nightmares or people who believe that they have experienced the "missing time" are put under hypnosis, they draw upon what they have seen in the media to fulfill the expectations of the hypnotist and causes themselves to be put trough the trauma for that reason. They say the nightmares are often caused by the sleeping disorder narcolepsy, and the "missing time" is not an uncommon experience and is caused when the mind is preoccupied by other matters. They often give the advice to go to clinical doctors, and not to contact an abductionist.


Other researchers such as Jacobs and Hopkins believe that there is something physical causing the abduction experiences. Hopkins has stated that he believes that the abduction are real and that the recounts of the abductions are to similar to each other to be anything but the truth. Jacobs takes a slightly different approach, he has been categorizing all the accounts and trying to find patterns in the testimonies. Through this method he come up with new more in-depth theories regarding the abductions.


The Channelers believe that the abductions are part of a battle between good energy forces and evil energy forces. [See Reptoids, Greys and Pleiadians]


There people on the net who believe they have had personal experiences with Alien contacts or abductions. Some have posted accounts of their experiences. Many others decline to post due to attacks by skeptics.


There has been possible material evidence of UFOs or Alien contacts. There are abundant material traces, even excepting those confiscated by the military. Material traces include burned grass and earth where UFOs have landed, UFOs shown on radar tapes, UFOs on film and in photos. Bodily traces on abductees include scoop-marks in the flesh, incisions, burns, apparent radiation exposure, bruises, inflammation, etc. Whether any of these is considered *evidential*, however, is a subjective value call.




For anyone who is interested in abduction help call:


Bill Knell Director of Island Skywatch (718) 591-1854 (New York)


He can get you in touch with the right people in your area and has a lot of videos, tapes and books on UFOs and abductions. He is also a very experienced researcher/investigator. (Denise Solis)

A Cosmic Awareness Channel from "Revelations of Awareness" Issue # 371






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