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Events 2010

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Events 2010




2010-12-16; Israel, Jerusalem


Category: UFO Video


Dec. 16, 2010 Wailing Wall UFO orb


Spirit Orb or Ghost caught on tape - Holy wall - Israel - UFO sightings Dec. 16th.


This strange ball of light was caught on tape by a tourist visiting the Wailing or crying Wall in Jerusalem, Israel. On the same day this film was taken, an israeli jet shot down a so called UFO over a Nuclear facility in the desert. Whatever this was, it was not of this world.




2010-12-27; USA, Indiana


Category: UFO Sighting


MUFON CMS - Indiana, December 27, 2010 - triangular shaped UFO with 2 red lights on side and one white orb in middle of craft sighted over Cleveland Ave.


I was driving southbound on Cleveland Ave, when the car in front of me put his breaks on and started to swerve like he wasn't paying attention.


Then something caught the corner of my eye and I looked up to see a large flying craft.


I pulled over as did the car in front of me and the car behind me. All of us got out to look at this thing.


It was triangular in shape with 2 red lights on one side and a large glowing white orb in the centre. It was approximately 2000ft in the air, completely silent, flying in a west to east direction. The colour of the craft was a white-greyish colour. It looked like there was something on the back of it, or like the back was a square, but it was really hard to tell.


There were also 2 jets flying over the craft, turning around and coming back. I tried to film it with my camera phone but I'm unable to make anything out. I lost sight of the object over the treeline.




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