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Events 2006

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Events 2006




2006-03-26; USA, Texas, Houston


Category: UFO Sighting


On March 26, 2006 at exactly 5:30pm, an Unidentified Flying Object was seen in Houston, Texas. It was spherical and looked like a metal marble that had shiny polished chrome. It was seen 2 miles away at an altitude of six hundred feet.







2006-04-20; Brazil, Sao Paulo, Arujá


Category: UFO Photo







2006-08-16; USA, Michigan, Plymouth


Category: UFO Photo




“I was driving home after having been to a circus in the town of Plymouth, Michigan. I was crossing a RR track near my home while looking to be sure the tracks were clear, I noticed it to my right hovering above the tracks in the distance. I decided to see what it was, so I drove towards it hoping to get a better look at it while calling my sister to tell her what I was seeing. I had taken my camera with me to the circus, so I grabbed it and started taking pictures, the sky was very dark and I at first couldn't get it to show up (although the object itself was illuminated).


Document: Blimp or UFO?




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