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Events 2004

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Events 2004




2004-01-00; Chile, Romeral




Location. Near Romeral, Chile

Date: late January 2004

Time: 0600A

Roberto Ayar Rojas, Maribel Arnaiz Cazaux and their daughter, Daphane were driving on an isolated road surrounded by woods when suddenly a bizarre creature appeared on the road ahead on them. The creature stood on two feet; it was totally covered with hair, and had bright red eyes. The creature stood bent forward on two large hind legs similar to a kangaroo. It had two small "hands" which it moved very rapidly. Once the creature spotted the witness car it seemed afraid, it suddenly jumped at incredible speed into the woods. The husband and wife pair had meanwhile stopped the car and after recovering from the shock it drove quickly away from the area. They later reported that what scared them the most was the two large protruding fangs from the creature's upper mandible. The witnesses felt that the creature bounded away in an "unnatural" manner. Thankfully their daughter slept during the encounter. In the nearby town of Buin another motorist struck a similar creature apparently without hurting it and hairs possibly belonging to creature were found on the scene.


HC addendum

Source: Liliana Nuñez, Hector Cossio L

Type: E



2004-01-00; USA, New York, Broadalbin


Category: UFO Sighting


I was waiting for the bus one morning in January of 2004 at about 7:00 am. I looked up in the sky and i thought i saw a star but the sun was up so i didn't think it could be a star. I watched it for a couple of minutes until it was covered by a cloud. I glanced and saw it rise up above the cloud and zoom off to the left.I will always remember this sighting and i was pretty freaked out.


Kiki - From Broadalbin, NY

Submitted to WOTS on 2/18/04






2004-05-24; Greenland, Scoresbysund


Category: UFO Discovery


The discovery occurred above the Arctic Circle between Norway and Greenland when a seismic exploration ship struck a huge floating iceberg at about three p.m. on May 24. Damage to the ship was minor but the collision knocked a large piece out of the iceberg, exposing part of a strange metal object.


When the crew chipped away enough ice to get a good look at it, that metallic "something" turned out to be the hull of a UFO.


Newsletter Article: UFO Found In Iceberg





2004-10-06; USA, Pennsylvania, Mechanicsburg


Category: UFO Sighting


Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Disc Shaped Objects


Date: October 6, 2004

Time: 1:00 p.m.


Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 2

Shape of objects: Disc shape


Full Description of event/sighting: I was stopped at traffic light facing east. I saw an object that seemed to floated up to my left. It was like a butterfly in that the reflection was there than was not. It climbed like it was moving away. At this point the traffic light changed and as I started to move another object zoomed in to this other object. This one was larger than the first one. At this point I was past the line of sight. It was a clear sunny day with just a slight breeze. Also the second object was moving in a downward direction towards me.


Additional Information:

1.The weather was perfectly clear sky
2.Direction was East N.E., First object was to my left The second was on the right. Angle of sight was @45degrees+
3.Appearance was silver/white and silver. The white was reflection from sun? Shape was disc and size was like a coin. Distance seemed to be far but also close.
4.There is a Distribution center for navy near by.
5.I was able to view objects for @ 1:00 min , like I said I was in traffic at a stop light , when the light turned green I had to go. I am not entirely sure what I saw but it sure did get my attention. I thought a second object sort of dropped down out of no where.


Thank you to the witness for this report.


Source: Brian Vike, Director - HBCC UFO Research




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