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Events 2002

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Events 2002




2002-06-06; Eastern Mediterranean Sea


Category: Explosion


The Eastern Mediterranean Event was a high-energy aerial explosion over the Mediterranean Sea, around 34°N 21°E (between Libya and Crete, Greece) on June 6, 2002. This explosion, similar in power to a small atomic bomb, has been related to an asteroid undetected while approaching the Earth. The object disintegrated and no part was recovered. Since it did not reach the surface and it exploded over the sea, no crater was formed.


The event occurred during the 2001–2002 India–Pakistan standoff, and there were concerns by General Simon Worden that a similar explosion could have sparked a nuclear war between the two countries, had the timing been different, which would have devastated both regions, causing deaths numbering over 10 million.


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2002-09-25; USSR, Siberia, Irkutsk Oblast


Category: Explosion


The Vitim event or Bodaybo event is believed to be an impact by a bolide or comet nucleus in the Vitim River basin. It occurred near the town of Bodaybo in the Mamsko-Chuisky district of Irkutsk Oblast, Siberia, Russia on September 25, 2002 at approximately 10:00 p.m. (local time). The event was also detected by a US military missile-defense satellite.


Some attempts were made to define the magnitude of the explosion. U.S. military analysts calculated it was between 0.2–0.5 kilotons, while Russian physicist Andrey Olkhovatov estimates it at 4–5 kilotons.


Information about the event appeared in the mass media and among scientists after only a week. Initially no one was able to understand the magnitude of the explosion. A small expedition, sent by the Institute of Sun–Earth Physics (Irkutsk), tried to find a meteorite within about 10 km from Bodaybo town (people told them– "it has fallen beyond the nearest mountain!").


Some people suggest that this phenomenon is similar to the Tunguska event of 1908.






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