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Events 2000

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Events 2000




2000-01-13; USA, Florida


Category: Abduction


"Fighter", an attractive and articulate Florida woman, suddenly became aware of alien contact on January 13, 2000 when she awoke to find herself being dropped onto her bed by a non-human entity. Close to her face she saw a huge head approximately 14" by 16" on a thin body. At the same time she felt a puff of breath coming from the entity's open mouth. She sensed that the being was surprised that she had awakened. Although she was terrified, she went to sleep.


Source: A Florida Woman's Alien Encounter





2000-12-08; USA, New York


Category: UFO Sighting


... hovering above the cemetery, not more than 500 feet over it, was a series of lights. This aggregation of lights moved ever so slightly, but just enough for me to gauge the approximate height and the approximate distance from me, which I estimated to be about 1,000 feet.


Source: Newsletter: Big Triangle Over NY




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