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Events 1999

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Events 1999




1999-02-05; Brazil, Salvador de Bahia


Category: UFO Photo


CE_1999-02-05BrazilSalvadordeBahia2 CE_1999-02-05BrazilSalvadordeBahia1


My dear Sir:


Very interesting site I saw in your web pages.I believe in ebe's but i dont think about stranges storys without probes.You talk about some houndred meters of film from ebe's and aliens abductions.


-You had contacted this abducted people to found (scanner,rx,rmn,centellographyc register) into his bodies the implants Dr.Lier founded in other cases?.

-You say know's the exact place from the alien base.? Please tell the world the exact coordinates from that place.

-I didn`t understood the meaning way from your communicatios with the pc aliens (chat.ftp,Hex).

-If all the human beings believe we win.


My contribution for your site:


Recently 02/05/99 a friend of mine take his holidays in Salvador de Bahia BRASIL (Arembepe beach).He "hunted" an ufo ghost with his camera.He only want to take a photo from the beatifull beach,When he go to revele the film found this object.I send you the original photo and a scanner image. I'm a doctor in vascular diseases who live in Montevideo-uruguay


My best regards and thank you for your time.


Dr.José Luis Guitelman






1999-04-15; Guam


Category: UFO Crash


Alien Ship beaches itself in Guam, Uranas Reef.

Survivors unknown.




Webmaster note:

I have looked hard for information about this incident and have not been able to find anything. If you have any information, or know where we may look, please let me know. - TJ Elias





1999-10-21; USA, Pennsylvania (Southwestern)


Category: Hominoid


When the sighting occurred, dusk was approaching, but it was not dark enough for the usage of their headlights. The wife sitting in the passenger seat noticed the large figure first. About 40 feet ahead of them, crossing from the right side of the road, was a hair covered, manlike creature, with long arms extending below the knees. The wife stated that she had never seen anything move this quickly. The creature was stooped over, and it's arms were swinging back and forth very quickly. As it crossed the road in three giant strides, it entered a wooded area.


Document: Pennsylvania Bigfoot 1999





1999-11-16; USA, Pennsylvania


Category: UFO Sighting


Luminous Formation Over Pennsylvania Last Night

from Stan Gordon

PA UFO Hotline: 724-838-7768



I began receiving reports last night indicating that at approximately 7:05 P.M. (11/16/99), a formation of luminous objects were observed over Pennsylvania. I received sighting reports from Butler county, north of Pittsburgh as well as Indiana county in southwest Pennsylvania. I also talked with the Altoona FAA Flight service station, who had received a number of aircraft sighting reports from various locations including Erie. One observation by two men in Butler County indicated that they watched as the objects passed overhead moving from west to east. They described observing 10 to 12 round objects, each with a luminous trail, in perfect single formation, one behind the other.


These round lights all appeared uniform in size and color. They were described as mostly orange, with some blue and white colors. The trails were the same color. They estimated that they observed the formation pass across the sky in 4 to 7 seconds. No sound was apparent. One witness stated that the lights were very bright, and that when he first saw them approaching, he thought "it was a row of airplanes" until he had a better view.


FYI I checked in with Peter Davenport at the National UFO Reporting Center. Peter was being deluged with UFO reports from about 9 states at that time. It is likely that there will be much controversy as to the origin of these objects, due to the time frame of the current Leonid meteor shower. I am awaiting word from the U.S. Space Command to determine if they can confirm any re-entry of space debris during this time frame.


This current sighting brings back memories of another widely observed event which occurred on March 3, 1968 when multiple witnesses over a large geographic area (including Pennsylvania) reported a formation of fiery objects. This sighting was later identified as burning material associated with the re-entry of Zond 4, a Soviet satellite.


Until all of the information can be gathered on these widespread sightings, it is to early to make a determination as to the origin of the objects observed on the evening of November 16, 1999. If anyone has any other sighting reports from Pennsylvania concerning this incident, please forward to me.


Stan Gordon




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