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Events 1998

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Events 1998




1998-03-05; USA, Alaska, Deadhorse


Category: Animal Mutilation


On March 5, around 7:50 p.m. a caller informed North Slope Borough police officer Joe Pruitt, that two dead moose had been discovered at the old Happy Valley pipeline construction camp, south of Deadhorse.


But Pruitt, who is stationed near the edge of the Arctic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay, soon learned that the caller had it wrong. She should have said "dead moos" _ as in cows, bovines, Holsteins.


Newsletter Article: North Slope Police Probe Mystery of Dead Cows





1998-11-17; France, Honfleur


Category: Spontaneous Human Combustion


The remains of Gisele, a 67-year-old widow whose surname was not released, were discovered on November 17 [1998] in a farmhouse near Honfleur, 150 kilometres north-east of Paris, where she lived alone.


Police found no signs of a break-in and said the house appeared untouched by fire although the chair in which the woman apparently had been sitting had been reduced to ashes, a number of tiles had cracked and there were soot traces on the living room walls and ceiling.


The only recognisably human remains were an ankle and foot, still in its slipper.


Newsletter Article: French Woman Reduced To Ashes




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