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Varginha, Brazil 1996

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Varginha, Brazil 1996


An extraordinary event occurred in the Brazilian city of Varginha on 20 January 1996. Multiple witnesses were shocked by the appearance in their midst of small, orange-red beings which behaved as if "on the run". They were captured by members of the local Fire Service and taken to a local teaching hospital where they were again seen by many credible witnesses. Upon the speedy intervention of U.S. military personnel, the entities disappeared.


Stories of pregnant dwarves (!) were then circulated to the media to put them off the chase. But it was too late. Ufology is more popular in Brazil than perhaps anywhere on the planet, and researchers were on the scene, investigating the claims and distributing their preliminary findings almost immediately. A.J. Gavaerd has done much work to highlight this important case world-wide. Perhaps the incident in Varginha shows the speed with which the Authorities now have to fire-fight an emerging situation to prevent complete loss of control of the UFO subject. This may have been one of their nearest misses.


(Entities captured by the Army)



One of the more famous cases involving Firefighters and Aliens is the Varginha case.


On the afternoon of January 20, three young girls named Liliane, Valquiria and Katia observed a strange creature in a field a few blocks from where they live. It was a Saturday and they were coming back from their jobs when, crossing an empty area, their attention was attracted by a strange being a few meters away. The extraterrestrial was kneeling and looked like it was hurt, suffering some sort of pain. The girls observed it for a few minutes and ran away, afraid that they had just encountered the devil...


The researchers extensively interrogated the three girls, leaving no doubt whatsoever what had happened. Very simple girls, they described the ET being a dark brown creature, with a small body of four to five feet, no hair at all, big brown head and a small neck. It seemed to have greasy, dark oil on its skin. The girl's mother noticed a strange odor when she went to the site. The head of the creature had two big red eyes, no pupils, very small mouth and nose...and, what is interesting...three protuberances on its head. The girls described the protuberances as horns and said the ET made a strange buzzing sound, like bees.


Following leads, researchers started making inquiries in the town of Varginha. They found several other people who also observed the ET in the same location and other ET's in different locations. While continuing their investigation they discovered that different witnesses had seen army trucks and other military vehicles and personnel on that day, a few blocks from the place where the girls saw the ET.


In attempting to find out what the military was doing, Rodrigues and Pacaccini met with a few soldiers. One of them decided to talk secretly about their mission, in a confidential taped interview. The sergeant confirmed that on January 20, the fire department of Varginha captured a strange animal in that area. When four firemen arrived at the location they noticed that it was not a strange animal at all, and reported the fact to the Army Sergeant School commander in the neighboring city of Tres Corzcoes (about ten miles east of Varginha).


The following is a manual for Fire Officers responding to UFO incidents. I am quoting this for information and education purposes only.


Aliens in Brazil


On the morning of January 20, 1996 between seven and eight a.m., the Varginha Fire Department's phone rang. It was a citizen reporting that a strange creature had been seen in an area of Varginha known as Jardim Andere. A short time later, there was another call, reporting the same thing. Then another, and another. Men of the fire department, which in Brazil is part of the military, were sent out, and by following directions from civilians, they were able to reach the area.


In a forested area, they found a creature with three large protrusions on its head, red eyes, long thin arms, and short legs with big feet. The only noise that it made was a sort of bee-like buzzing. They captured it easily with a net, since it seemed to be in a dazed condition. The creature was removed from the area at about 10:30 in the morning.


Later that day, three girls: Lilliane Fatima, Valquira Fatima, and Andrade Xavier, were taking a short cut home from work when they stumbled upon a second creature fitting almost the identical description as the first, also in the area known as Jardim Andere. They ran away home when it looked at them and told their mother, Luiza, who went back and found tracks in the mud and a strong smell of ammonia in the air at the spot.


There are further stories of more of these same creatures, as many as seven, being captured that same day. At least one was said to have been taken first to the regional hospital, and then to Humanitas Hospital. One of the creatures is supposed to have died, and was taken by military convoy to the University of Campinas, where an autopsy was performed. Another story says that two of the creatures were taken to the University of Sao Paulo. A videotape of the creatures is also said to be in existence.


Less than a month after the incident, 23 year-old military policeman Marco Eli Chereze, who supposedly was involved in the capture, died from a multiple infection without an apparent cause. Some have said he was infected by contact with the creature.


Two of the young girls who discovered one of the creatures later began asking for money for interviews, but in light of all the publicity and intrusions into their lives by the media, this is not unusual.



Threats and Denials


Men in Cream?


According to Luiza Helena, the mother of two of the girls, she was offered a large amount of cash by four unidentified men in cream-coloured Armani suits if her daughters would deny the story. "They also said they would come back, but we can't hide the truth," she said.


Military and fire department personnel deny that they captured any such creatures, although there were some unusual activities, such as troop movements, that took place on that day.


Hospital personnel at the regional hospital and at Humanitas Hospital also deny (on the record) that any such events took place.


It has been rumored that the autopsy on the creature was done by a legist physician (forensic pathologist?) named Badan Palhares.


He has officially denied any participation in such an activity, but is also reported to have said that he would have more to say about it at some future time.


Even if the Varginha story is true, there is nothing to connect the creatures with UFOs except for the fact that several UFO reports were being made in the area at the time. The creatures actually seem to have more in common with El Chupacabra than with UFOs.


With the exception of the accounts by the three young girls, all of the Varginha evidence is either second-hand, or is from military and hospital employees who will only speak anonymously to Brazilian ufologists, notably Vitorio Pacaccini.


The "Wall Street Journal" published a report about the sightings in which it was stated that:

"Pacaccini's brand of hucksterism is characteristic of the frontier atmosphere in a town where the architecture is of the Quonset-hut school and the newspaper is staffed by a lone reporter."


It has now been over seven years since the Varginha incident, and nothing substantial has come out since 1996.



Event: 1996-01-20; Brazil, Varginha



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