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Events 1996

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Events 1996




1996-01-20; Brazil, Varginha


Category: Alien Visitors


An extraordinary event occurred in the Brazilian city of Varginha on 20 January 1996. Multiple witnesses were shocked by the appearance in their midst of small, orange-red beings which behaved as if "on the run". They were captured by members of the local Fire Service and taken to a local teaching hospital where they were again seen by many credible witnesses. Upon the speedy intervention of U.S. military personnel, the entities disappeared.


Document: Varginha, Brazil 1996





1996-02-19; Turkey, Izmir


Category: UFO Sighting


February 19, 1996 - Daylight Saucer Photographed In Turkey


Karagol near Izmir, Turkey. Two young amateur mountaineers, Cem Arat and Mehmet Safak, both 20 at that time, were hiking at the Yamanlar Mountain Peak near Karagol. They had finished school and expected to go to the army soon, so they had taken a camera to take each other's picture as a memoir of that good old days. All of a sudden a UFO appeared and was floating in the air, making no sound; they were so astonished that they didn't know what to do first. "We have never seen anything like that before", they told Michael Hesemann, when he interviewed them on the Istanbul international UFO Congress in December 2001, "it was definitely nothing built on Earth. It could hover on the spot and increase to tremendous speed, shot up and down, rotated around its axis, all very fast and completely soundless." Eventually they remembered their camera and shot some pictures, before the object disappeared in a blink of an eye. The sighting lasted for about two minutes. In the following days and weeks the two youngsters returned again and again to the site, hoping that they would see the object again.







1996-09-00; USA, Louisiana, Dequincy


Category: uncategorized


In the September of 1996, a strange animal was found in a little Louisiana town called Dequincy by Barbara Mullins. She took a picture of this unusual roadkill and brought it to the town newspaper, called the Dequincy News.


Newsletter Article: Chupacabra Killed By Motorist?





1996-11-05; Brazil, Pelotas


Category: UFO Sighting


Perhaps the most impressive UFO story told during the 1997 Brazilian World UFO Forum was that of Haraldo Westendorf, who made news headlines a year ago when he allegedly flew his private plane within a few dozen meters of an enormous unidentified flying object.


Westendorf is 40 years old, a father of three children and a successful businessman. He is also an avid private pilot rated for acrobatic flying. The following account is based directly on his one-hour presentation at the Brazilian UFO conference, which included several detailed illustrations.


Westendorf says he took off in his single-engine Piper Apache from the city of Pelotas near the southernmost tip of Brazil on the morning of November 5, 1996. It was to be a routine recreational flight of the kind he takes for fun whenever time allows.


On this occasion, he had been in the air only about 12 minutes and was flying at an altitude of 5,000 feet over a large lake some five miles southeast of Pelotas when he saw ahead of him an enormous aerial object. The time was about 10:30 a.m.


He radioed the Pelotas tower to learn if they could see the object from the ground. They confirmed that the object was visible to them and asked him for a close-range report. Westendorf then decided to fly as close as he could.


Westendorf emphasizes that he did not believe in UFOs and says this accounts for his initial willingness to fly close to the object. He didn't know he might be in danger.


When he got close to the object, he realized that in his twenty years of piloting experience he had never seen or heard of anything like it. Since he had done stunt training in the United States and had also flown in France, he had become acquainted with some very advanced and exotic aircraft. But he knew that this was not an airplane.


Westendorf showed several detailed color drawings of the object, with his own plane drawn to scale alongside it. He describes the object as a faceted cone, flat on the bottom with a rounded point on top. On each of the eight or ten sloping side panels were three large bulges, like triangle-shaped bay windows on the side of a house -- but they did not look like windows. The entire surface was brown in color. The structure was about 70 meters (225 feet) high and about 100 meters (325 feet) in diameter, big enough to fill nearly an entire soccer field if landed. His own plane, less than 6 meters wide, was tiny by comparison.


Newsletter Article - Mother Ship Viewed At Close Range By Pilot



1996-11-16; Brazil, Smoke Squadron (FAB) Case


Category: Aerial Accident


Smoke Squadron (FAB) Case - November 16, 1996 (Aerial accident involving a small "probe" - Videotaped)




1996-12-18; USA, Texas, The Woodlands


Category: uncategorized


Occurred : 12/18/1996 22:00 (Entered as : 12/18/96 22:00)

Reported: 3/13/1998 12:05

Posted: 2/25/2003

Location: The Woodlands, TX

Shape: Light

Duration:5 minutes

Saw bright orange light (size of Venus) with diffuse and changing orange haze 1/2 size of moon around central light.


I was in the kitchen of my house in The Woodlands, when an odd light in the sky caught my eye. The light was orange colored. I at first thought it might be a dim aircraft landing light. The location is within an approach area of Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH). However, the direction which the light followed was not consistent with approach or departure paths for IAH. I looked at the light through the window and trees, and it seemed to be moving a little erratically as seen through the branches of the pine and hardwoods in the back yard. I grabbed my binoculars and headed outside. Again, the color and intensity of the light was unusual. the binoculars were handy for watching birds at the feeder. I went to a clear area just behind my house, and observed the light with binoculars and naked (I wear glasses) eye. The object continued moving from the East to a point nearly overhead, before changing direction to the North. The night was clear, cool (dry), and moonlit. The time just before 10:00 pm. I did not hear any sound related to the object. I could not estimate the distance to the object. It was not nearby, but could have been any height above, say, 5,000 feet on up to the edge of the atmosphere. I cannot estamte the speed of the object, except to say that it moved from Zenith to Horizon in about 3-4 minutes. The visual size of the central (bright) part of the object was like observing Venus. The color of the object was a golden orange, similar to a dimmed incandescant lamp, and similar to the orange sodium vapor lamps now in commom use for public lighting. The central part was not flashing, but there were some variations in the brightness. Although "bright" I would not characterize the light as "intense". Around the center bright orange light, was a diffuse halo, or fog, of the same color as the central light, which would expand and contract, sometimes appearing to swirl around the central light. As the object was moving away from me, the intensity of the central light did not seem to diminish, as it would were it a lamp with reflector. There was no other light, nor shadow, nor detail observable with the object. It did seem difficult for me to keep a good focus on the object with either my eyes or the binoculars. The light approached from the East, till nearly overhead, then moved off toward the North, visible for perhaps five minutes before going behind trees to the north, and still visible through those trees until obscured by more dense growth and the northern horizon. This could give some indication of the altitude of the object; were it very high, it should become very small (due to distance) as it nearded the horizon, however, the size did not go very small. Consider a low-flying plane versus one crusing at 35,000 feet as it departs your area. This object appeared more like the low altitude craft as it reached my horizon, even though I could not estimate its height or distance while higher in the sky. The light moved slightly erattically in speed and direction. It did not make any dramatic changes in direction or speed, but did seem to wander around a bit. After I lost view of the object, I stood there contemplating what it was I maight have seen. I observed other aircraft approcahing and departing IAH. These craft were easily identifiable with the naked eye, red, green navigation lights, white beacons and landing lights, even lights on in the passenter cabin. It was trivial to make out the outline (shadow) of the shape of overflying aircraft against the backdrop of stars and moonlit atmosphere. The orange object seen a minute before shared none of these traits. Every other questionable object I have ever seen in the sky finally resolved into something obviously of local origin... except this one. (end)






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