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Events 1995

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Events 1995




1995-08-17; Argentina, Salta


Category: UFO Crash


"There was a UFO crash in Salta [Argentina] around the 17th or the 18th of August 1995, and it was all covered up.The incident occurred in the vicinity of Mt. El Crestón near Metán, Salta. Thousands of people witnessed the UFO's was apparently struck by air-to-air missiles by an unknown type of aircraft (triangular?) and knocked out of the sky. Hours later a small private plane flew over the crash site and it too fell to the ground. The pilot later said that source of electromagnetic energy caused his plane to crash. Subsequently, the area was cordoned off by Argentinean and foreign military personnel (NASA/Delta?), giving rise to the cover-up.


Newsletter Article: UFO Crashes In Latin America




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