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Events 1994

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Events 1994




1994-02-24; USA, Nevada, Las Vegas


Category: Animal Mutilation


On February 24, 1994, Las Vegas rancher, Bonnie Martin found a one year old steer dead in a small corral, missing its genitalia and left ear, and the animal's rectum had been neatly cored out. The ear incision featured an unusual serrated cut, as if a type of pinking shear instrument had been used. Martin reported the UAD (Unusual Animal Death) to the local authorities and Las Vegas veterinarian Garth Lamb came to the scene and performed an examination on the steer. He was startled to find that genital tissue had been removed from the belly, and the urethra had been closed up by hide tissue. In addition, he found that penile tissue was missing from inside the body. In a video tape shot by Knapp, Dr. Lamb is heard asking Martin, "Are you sure this was a steer?" He, and subsequently Dr. Altshuler, were not able to determine the cause of death.


Newsletter Article - Las Vegas Mutilation in 94'




1994-01-18; Spain, Cando


Category: Fireball, Explosion


The Cando event was an explosion that occurred in the village of Cando, Spain, in the morning of January 18, 1994. There were no casualties in this incident, which has been described as being like a small Tunguska event.


Witnesses claim to have seen a fireball in the sky lasting for almost one minute. A possible explosion site was established when a local resident called the University of Santiago de Compostela to report an unknown gouge in a hillside close to the village. Up to 200 m³ of terrain was missing and trees were found displaced 100 m down the hill.


Opinions are divided about the causes of the explosion. Zdeněk Ceplecha of the Ondřejov Observatory in the Czech Republic explains the incident might have been a blast of subterranean gases which, removing the topsoil in a sudden explosion, vented into the air. The convective action of such a rising plume would create an electric charge separation sufficient to ignite the gases, accounting for the fireball-like observations. The same explanation has been recently circulating about the Tunguska event, against the old meteor theory. Local residents, however, claim it was a meteor, as an object "the size of a full moon" was seen in the skies of the Spanish region of Galicia. The mystery became fertile ground for conspiracy theories that point to military or "alien activities".







1994-09-13; USA, New Mexico, Chacon


Category: Animal Mutilation


One 1994 New Mexico incident in particular added a new twist to the drama. On September 13, in a remote area of Mora County, mild-mannered carpenter Larry Gardea was hunting for bear in a birch and aspen grove. What Gardea said he saw, and heard, is regarded as a first in mutilations-related activity in this country.


According to Gardea, as he approached a chain-link fence he saw a dead cow lying about 30 feet in front of him. Immediately, he noticed a large, cylindrical hole where the animal's rectum should have been.


About 10 feet beyond that cow was another, sitting motionless on its knees. Suddenly, about a dozen other cows began running in the opposite direction. Gardea's eyes followed them for a moment. Simultaneously, Gardea began hearing a whirring or humming sound he likened to the noise made by a welder's torch. When he turned back to look at the two downed cows, he saw a third cow moving through the air, just slightly above the ground, as if it were being pulled by a gravitational force or beam. The cow, bawling and struggling for freedom, was being dragged into the thick of the forest. Gardea saw no object of any kind in the direction the cow was being pulled, but instinctively raised is rifle and shot twice toward the sound.


The sound ceased, the cow got away, and Gardea, obviously frightened, ran like hell. Less than an hour later, he returned to the site with Mora County sheriff's deputy Greg Laumbach and some other local folks. The mutilated cow was still there -- the flesh was stripped from its lower jaw and a perfect circle of hide was removed. But the cow Gardea had seen on its knees was gone, and had not been located as of mid-November.


"It's the first time I'd seen anything like that," the dead cow's owner Estevan Sanchez said later.


Newsletter Article - Man Freaked out on Dragging Cow




1994-09-16; Zimbabwe, Ruwa


Category: UFO Landing


The Zimbabwe School Close Encounter


Ruwa, Zimbabwe

September 16, 1994


On the morning of September 16, 1994, teachers and school officials at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe were amazed when the school's students, aged approximately 5 to 12 years old, reported that a flying object had landed on the school grounds.


The teachers at the school were in a meeting, so the 62 children were basically unsupervised while in the schoolyard on morning recess. The only available adult seems to have been one of the mothers, who was operating the school tuck shop - a sort of snack bar where candy, snacks and sodas are sold.


According to some sources, UFOs had been seen in the skies over Zimbabwe for two days before the incident occurred. Ruwa is about 20 kilometers from Harare, the capitol of Zimbabwe.


Ariel School is a private elementary school with students of mixed ethnic heritage.


The children said that they had first seen three objects in the sky. These objects would disappear and then reappear in a different location. The objects moved closer and closer to the ground and finally landed in a brushy area adjacent to the schoolyard. This area had not been fully cleared yet and was off-limits to the students. The object landed, or hovered just above the ground, in an area about 100 meters from the students.


The children said that a small man, about one meter in height, appeared on top of the object. The little man, who was described as having a scrawny neck, long black hair, and huge eyes, walked a short way across the ground toward the students. When he noticed the children, he vanished and then reappeared at the back of the object. The object then took off and vanished.


The smaller children were very frightened and cried for help. They believed that the little man was a demon who would eat them. Black African children have heard legends of [a href=""]tokoloshis[/a], demons who eat children. The children ran to the tuck shop operator, but she did not want to leave the shop unattended and so did not go.


The late Cynthia Hind, known as Africa's foremost UFO investigator, investigated the case the next day. When she was first contacted, she asked the headmaster of the school, Colin Mackie, to have the children draw pictures of what they had seen. When she arrived at the school, he had about 35 drawings for her. The drawings were of very similar objects.


'I swear by every hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth.'


The headmaster affirmed that he believed that the students were telling the truth, and one little girl told Cynthia Hind that, 'I swear by every hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth.'


Dr. John Mack, the abduction researcher, and his associate Dominique Callimanopulos went to Ruwa and spent two days interviewing and counseling twelve of the children and their parents.


"Those thoughts came from the man - the man's eyes."


Curiously, the older students said that they felt that the creatures communicated with them somehow, sending the message that we humans are destroying our planet, polluting the environment in ways that will have dire consequences







1994-11-07; USA, Colorado, Walsenburg


Category: Animal Mutilation


Here is the entire text of the Nov 8, 1994 Rocky Mountain News article:


By Dick Foster Rocky Mountain News Southern Bureau


A southern Colorado rancher said Monday he found three of his cows mutilated southwest of Walsenburg. Ermenio Andreatta, who has ranched 45 years in the Middle Creek area 7 miles west of La Veta, discovered the cattle the last week of October. 'There was no struggle at all, like you could see. It just looked like they was dropped,' said Andreatta's wife, Theresa. Andreatta found one cow Oct. 24, a second cow on the 26th and a third on the 27th. The animals had no scratches or wounds that would indicate they struggled with predators. There were no tracks on the ground around them.


On two cows, the rectum and female organs had been cut out in clean incisions with little blood. Two teats were missing from each. 'It looks like they used a real sharp instrument. They weren't torn like an animal would do it,' Theresa Andreatta said. The third cow's tongue and udder were cut off.


Theresa Andreatta said the three cows were found in a quarter-mile radius in a pasture a half-mile from the couple's home. Her husband had moved them from the summer pasture Oct. 18. Cattle moving from dry to lush fields often develop asthma, she said, and her husband was checking them morning and evening, but they showed no signs of ill health.


Many livestock experts are skeptical of mutilation reports. They say scavengers eat the soft tissue of dead cattle most easily accessible -- tongues, eyes, rectums and udders -- giving the effect of mutilation. 'I don't know what happened to them or how they died, but to me, no predator killed these animals," said Huerfano County Deputy Sheriff David McCane.


McCane and wildlife officer Lonnie Brown found no wounds on the animals. There were unexplained dark patches on the cows' chest and belly areas, McCane said. McCane said two of the animals were untouched by scavengers as they lay in the field a week after their deaths."




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