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Events 1982

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Events 1982




1982-02-08; VASP Flight 169, Brazil


Category: UFO Sighting, Radar


Radar-visual - many witnesses



1982-09-24; Norway, Allen


Category: UFO Sighting


On September 24th, 1982 two Norwegian miners, Bjarne Lillevold and a co worker were driving home when they saw a light descend to the forest near the small town of Allen. When they reached the object it was standing motionless next to some trees. Then a second ball of light came from the direction of the first, stopping directly beneath the first one. Continuing homeward they came by a cottage that was engulfed in such an intense light it seemed as though the sun were burning right over it. Next to the cottage was a huge object, larger than the house itself, what looked like an upside down Christmas tree with a red blinking light on it. They watched it move up and down like yo yo for around 20 minutes. Close to the ground Lillevold could almost see through it as the light faded, but at the height of its maneuver it was too bright to look at. This phenomenon is called the Hessdalen Lights, as they have been extensively documented. They are named for a remote valley to the south of Trondheim, where they are most frequently seen. In the beginning it was only reported by farmers. but soon serious ufologists began showing up with sophisticated equipment. In spite of collecting hundreds of photographs and much important scientific data, the formation of Project Hessdalen in June of 1983 did not succeed in explaining the phenomena. The photographs show that the lights come in a varied number of shapes and sizes. Their behavior and their silence rules out aircraft. As well the lights have been individually observed, some for over an hour, some just hovering in one place and others traveling 20 kilometers. They are still observed till this day.





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