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Rendlesham Forest 1980

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Rendlesham Forest 1980


After reports of a bigh light crashing in the forest outside the twin bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, a disc-shaped craft on tripod legs was seen resting on the ground.


In 1980, just after Christmas, Brenda Butler a local paranormal investigator, was contacted by an American friend who was a security police officer at the twin bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge, Suffolk, England (a base owned by the USAF).


The friend claimed that in the early hours of December 26th, he and two other guards had been sent into the nearby forest of Rendlesham (this forest separates Bentwaters from Woodbridge). There had been reports of a big light crashing down from the sky into the woods. When the men arrived they found a disc-shaped craft on tripod legs resting on the ground. They radioed back to the base for backup and over the next couple of hours senior personnel came out to the site.


The friend also reported that several small aliens, about 3ft tall with grey skin and large heads were seen 'suspended' around the craft as if making repairs. He also claimed that one of the senior officers tried to communicate with the aliens with sign language.


This seemed yet another unsubstantiated case until an almost exact story was told to another researcher. However at first most UFO researchers were dubious about this case. However, Jenny Randles together with Dot Street and Brenda Butler started collating eye-witness evidence and testimony. They put all these together in a book called Sky Crash which was a bit of a jumbled mess. However, the book seemed to open the floodgates with new witnesses and evidence coming to light.


One of these witnesses, a forestry worker, found the alleged crash site a day after the events. He reported the damage to the trees and the marking on the ground to the local authorities. However when he returned the next day the entire site had be felled and dug up!.


Another witness, Gordon Levitt, observed the object as it flew silently over his house. He described it as an 'upturned mushroom glowing phosphorescent'. His dog, whose barking alerted him to the object, became ill the next day a died shortly afterwards.


The researchers eventually with the help of some American UFO researchers managed to obtain a secret memo through the FOIA. The memo written by Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Halt, was sent to the British Ministry of Defence (the MOD had told Jenny Randles that no such memo existed!!).


The Halt memo discussed three separate events. The landing of a small craft on the first night. The discovery of ground traces with excess radiation readings, and another sighting the following night which Halt himself witnessed.


The Halt memo talks of a second document, however, this has not been released to UFO researchers because it is a threat to 'National Security'!.


A radar operator, from a nearby tracking station, then came forward and told researchers that 2 days after the incident USAF personnel came to the tracking station a removed all radar recordings for the past 2 nights. These were never seen again.


All this new info, along with a tape recording made by Halt on the night of the encounter which describes his attempts to try an identify the object, were put together by Jenny Randles in her excellent book 'From Out of the Blue'.


The best explanation that any of the sceptics have managed so far is that the over 30 military personnel including senior officers were all sent out into the forest to observe the lights of the nearby lighthouse !!.


This case is probably the best case excluding Roswell, which indicate a crash/landing of some description.


Investigations are still continuing.


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Occurred : 12/27/1980 01:00 (Entered as : 10/10/1980 01:00)

Reported: 10/18/2003 12:26:29 AM 00:26

Posted: 10/31/2003

Location: RAF Bentwaters (UK/England),

Shape: Rectangle

Duration:2 hours

Additional information (eyewitness account) of the Bentwaters Incident


I was the on-site ((deleted--senior technical position)) in RAF Woodbridge, UK, for a ((deleted)) year period from June 19XX to October 19XX.


This reports relates to the "Bentwaters Incident." I need to provide some background for you.


About 5 years ago, I was watching the History channel, and I saw a man being interviewed....and I recognized him as an Airman I knew back in the late '70's. He was (is) ((name deleted)). This was the first I had heard of the UFO sighting just east of the base, in the late fall of 1980.


I have never told anyone of this story before, and I believe that I can shed some additional light on the situation....from the perspective of a weatherman, and one who has certain knowledge and experience in observation.


To start. I do not know how familiar you are with this Bentwater Incident. Kind of pisses me off, it should be called the Woodbridge incident, as it occurred just east of RAF Woodbridge, not Bentwaters. Bear with me here.


The base is oriented generally east to fact, the runway orientation is exactly 09-27. This makes it very easy to observe the weather, and the direction from the center of the airport.


For a several month period, all during the summer and fall of 1980, I and the ((deleted--technical personnel)) under my command observed lights to the east of the base, in Her Majesties Rendlesham forest. This is a rather large stand of trees BETWEEN RAF Woodbridge and Bentwaters, indeed, the east gate led to a small road which was a quick way to get to and from the base, from one base to the other.


My ((deleted--family member)) was also in the ((deleted--military)) at the time, and she was assigned to the Bentwaters base weather station. Normally, we worked the same shift, and I would drop ((deleted--family member)) off at work, go on to my work, and reverse the process and the end of my shift. Woodbridge was south of Bentwaters, we lived north of Bentwaters, in a little town of Leiston...along the north sea. I digress.


What I am about to write is something that I have been thinking a lot about. I am not about publicity, and will not leave my name. I will leave an e-mail address that you can contact me with, if you want.


On the way from my work, to pick up my ((family member)), I went out the east gate, turned left, and headed on up to Bentwaters. I had gone about 200 yards, and was pretty deep in the woods. It was foggy, the visibility was less than a mile. This was pretty common in fall, there is a climatological maxima for fog along the north sea that time of year. I was driving my little ((deleted--foreign car)), doing about 40. There was no radio in the car, just tooling along.


Up and off to my right, in the woods, about 50 feet into the woods I saw a bright, pulsating light. The frequency of pulsing was quick, and was an orangish-reddish color. This freaked me out pretty good, I didn't know what it was. The hair on the back of my neck went straight out, unexpectedly so...I became VERY frightened, and gunned the car, and left. Thinking back, I did not see a craft...but I remain convinced, to this day, that this was (is) something I can't explain.


I talked to my wife about this, and gradually forgot about it...until this entire incident came back into my attention several years ago. About a year ago, the Halt tapes became more public, and this kinda freaked me out, too! I KNEW Lt. Col. Halt, and spoke with him many, many times in my capacity of providing ((deleted--information)), and the various on-base agencies.


I have read several reports of this Incident, many contain innaccuracies, misjudgements, and many are just plain wrong. The people I worked with and I speculated for months as to the source of the lights to the east of the airfield. We considered, and rejected, the idea that it was the lights from the Orfordness lighthouse. We KNEW that one, bearing 140 degrees, at 7 miles. Little light, pause, big light, pause, little light, pause, rinse repeat.


This light we saw was IMMEDIATELY off the base proper, within a half mile of where my unit was assigned. As is the practice of many ((deleted--units)), we were assigned on the ((deleted)) floor of the ((deleted--on the base)).


Our job was to maintain a continuous ((deleted)) watch...we had no other duties other than to monitor the ((deleted)), and as such, we were outside a LOT...hours per day (and night) just looking around, and monitoring our ((deleted)) instruments.


Something that isn't talked about much....when the Colonel and his staff measured radiation, they knew what they were doing. The base still had an active WSA (weapon storage area) for nuclear weapons on the base. We even had an armored personnel carrier, painted Air Force blue on the base....pretty cool, actually. This is why a Lieutenant Colonel and other security forces were in the woods outside a small tactical fighter base after midnight in December....the Air Force doesn't fool around with their nukes. Ever.


I listened to George Khoury (sp?) (sic--Noory) tonight, and heard this website, and thought....why not? If anything, I have understated what I saw, but at this point, I am not prepared to say much more....I have a good job, I am now retired from the Air Force, and I think it is pretty safe here to put down a little of what I saw.


Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I will list a little used email address, if you have any questions.


((NUFORC Note: The dates of the incident, a suspected landing of a triangular-shaped UFO in Rendlesham Forest, are December 26 and 27. We have amended the date above. PD))


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