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Events 1980

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Events 1980



1980-00-00; Wales, Ebbw Vale


Category: Spontaneous Human Combustion


Henry Thomas (1907 – 1980) was a 73-year-old man who was found burned to death in the living room of his council house on the Rassau council estate in Ebbw Vale, south Wales in 1980.


Document: Ebbw Vale, Wales 1980





1980-04-04; USA, South Carolina, Charleston


Category: UFO Photo



For this fourth shot in this third series of color pictures, Bill Herrmann was standing in a field holding his breath as the 40ft diameter object hovered, wobbling around its vertical axis. This one made a loud buzzing noise at another time.




At 5:30pm on April 4, 1980, William J. Herrmann, a local auto mechanic, saw and photographed a silvery disc-shaped object flying erratic maneuvers near Charleston Air Force Base.







1980-12-26; UK, Suffolk, Rendlesham Forest


Category: UFO Landing


After reports of a bight light crashing in the forest outside the twin bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, a disc-shaped craft on tripod legs was seen resting on the ground.


Document: Rendlesham Forest 1980



1980-12-29; USA, Texas, Dayton


Category: UFO Sighting


On the evening of December 29th 1980, Betty Cash, Vicki Landrum and Colby Landrum (Vicki's grandson), were driving back from a restaurant towards Dayton, Texas.


At around 9.00pm they noticed a bright, fiery object directly ahead of them. The object suddenly descended to the tree line and hovered over the road. They decided to stop the car, which was by now only about 50m away from the object.


Document: Landrum Cash Incident




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