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Travis Walton Abduction Incident

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Travis Walton Abduction Incident


The Travis Walton Abduction: Real or Hoax?


On November 5, 1975, a 22 year old logger by the name of Travis Walton was allegedly abducted by a UFO near Snowflake, Arizona. Witnessed by six companions, his experience is possibly the most unique and controversial alien abduction tale in the short history of the phenomenon. Now, some seventeen years later, Paramount Pictures has brought this incredible story to the silver screen. On March 12, 1993, Fire in the Sky opened in theaters across the country. Scripted by Tracy Torme', who also wrote last year's CBS miniseries on alien abductions, Intruders, the movie is loosely based on Walton's book, aptly named _The Walton Experience. "Loosely" because Torme' has significantly altered the portrayal of Walton's experience on the UFO from what Walton himself described, because Torme' has created a fictional UFO investigating organization to replace the real group involved, and because Torme' combined several real individuals into "composites," all for the sake of literary license. However, after examining the full evidence of the case, he may be forgiven these fictionalizations -- for how can one be too critical of fictionalizing a work of fiction? Philip J. Klass, chairman of CSICOP's UFO Subcommittee (which also includes such noted skeptics as Robert Sheaffer and James Oberg), investigated the Walton case immediately after it occurred. As detailed in his book _UFOs: The Public Deceived_ (Prometheus, 1983), in the months following Walton's disappearance, Klass found significant evidence of "gross deception."


A film was produced called 'Fire in the Sky' which dramatized the above events. Since the film Travis has passed 2 more lie-detector test, but has refused to be hypnotically regressed as he fears it will bring out too many disturbing memories.


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