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Events 1969

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Events 1969




1969-05-00; Apollo 10


Category: Astronaut Sighting


Apollo 10

May 1969 - Thomas Stafford, John Young, Eugene Cernan


UFO's were reportedly spotted during orbit around the moon and on the homeward bound flight.


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1969-07-16; Apollo-11


Category: Astronaut Sighting


Apollo 11

16 July 1969

Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins


Maurice Chatelain, widely reported to be a former NASA chief of communications specialists, says that Armstrong reported seeing two "other spacecraft" on the rim of a crater. (Jim Oberg, who worked for a NASA contractor for many years, says there is no evidence that Chatelain ever worked for NASA.) Ham operators listening on VHF supposedly picked up a communication confirming the "other spacecraft" story, and there are rumors that Armstrong has since confirmed this privately. There are also rumors that the astronauts saw alien bases and mining operations on the moon and that the aliens warned us off the moon! None of these rumors has ever been corroborated. More


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1969-07-19; Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle


Category: Moon UFO Sighting, Astronaut Sighting


July 19. 1969; Apollo 11 Lunar Module "Eagle" pilot Edwin Aldrin, Jr. and fellow astronaut Neil Armstrong filmed two UFOs maneuvering over the surface of the moon hours before they would touch down on the lunar surface.




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1969-07-29; Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Mission


Category: UFO Sighting


On July 20th, 1969 during the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission, the surface excursion had just been completed. The lunar module Eagle lifted off the moon surface to redock with the command module Columbia. As the Eagle departed the moon's surface, its fixed automatic 16mm movie camera was supposed to be filming the receding lunar surface, but instead captured a round, white flying object ascending obliquely at considerable speed from the lower left to the upper right corner of the camera's frame. It increased in brilliance and size as it climbed, and disappeared out of the frame as it passed the two Earth ships in flight. This object looked identical with an object that had been photographed on the practice mission two months before.




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1969-11-14; Apollo 12


Category: Space Orb


A rare piece of anomalous footage was recorded by Apollo Astronauts as they were orbiting the moon during the Apollo 12 mission. The time of the clip is unknown at present but the footage clearly shows an anomalous white orb type, structured object quickly passing over the surface of the moon. At the start of the clip, just before the anomaly passes over, a light flash emanating from the surface can clearly be observed. Are these things communicating with each other as they fly over? Apparently, this particular mission was not the only mission which observed and documented anomalous, unexplained flashes coming from the moon's surface. More.


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