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Events 1968

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Events 1968




1968-12-06; Peru, Sicuani


Category: UFO Photo




1968 Sicuani, Peru: December 6, Sr. Pedro Chavez, a photographer for La Prensa, on assignment in Sicuani, Peru, was in the cathedral square near the big church where he took this picture before they disappeared.



1968-12-12; (Apollo 8)


Category: Astronaut Sighting


Apollo 8, 12 December 1968

Borman, Lovell, Anders


Supposedly sighted disc-shaped UFOs as the capsule circled the moon. They reported:


We have been informed that Santa Claus does exist! ("Santa Claus" is supposedly a euphemism for a UFO...)



December 1968 - Frank Borman, James Lovell, William Anders


During this flight as the command module emerged from behind the moon Lovell transmits "We have been informed that Santa Claus does exist!". As this occurred on Christmas day 1968 it is deemed by many to have been Lovell's sense of humor for the kiddies watching the broadcast. Some speculate that it is the use of the code word originally employed by Walter Schirra on the Mercury 8 flight. On Christmas eve Borman and Lovell are reported to have seen a UFO.


It is reported that an unidentified language was picked up on one of the NASA frequencies used during the mission.


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