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Events 1967

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Events 1967



1967-00-00; USA, Florida, Avon Park AFB


Category: UFO Crash


No info at this time






1967-01-12; USA, Louisiana, Baton Rouge


Category: UFO Photo




1967 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA: January 12, a fisherman sitting in his boat on the west side of Old River saw this object and only had time to take one picture before it shot off at a 45 degree angle at a great rate of speed. No sound was heard during the experience.





1967-03-12; USA, New Mexico, Picacho Peak


Category: UFO Photo




1967 Picacho Peak, New Mexico, USA: At about 2:00pm on March 12th, 1967, a New Mexico State University student was hiking in a desert area near Picacho Peak, New Mexico, when he spotted a big round silvery object hovering in the air just above a rocky hill about 500 yards away. He prepared his 4″ X 5″ Press Camera, set it at F8 and 1/100 shutter speed, and snapped one good black and white picture of the object. It appeared stationary or was moving very little at the time of the photograph. He looked down to change the plates of his camera, needing only 3 seconds, but when he looked back to take another shot, the object was gone. He recalled smelling an electrical odor in the air too!



1967-03-16; USA, Montana, Malmstrom AFB


Category: Instrumentation Interruption


Generated by Strategic Air Command, a report indicates that 10 Minuteman missiles at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana "lost strat(egic) alert within 10 seconds of each other" on March 16, 1967. Although power eventually was restored, "no apparent reason for the loss of 10 missiles can be readily identified (and) is cause for grave concern," it states. An accompanying telex mentions "numerous reports" of "UFO sightings" and even a landing in the Great Falls area.


Document: More information





1967-05-20; Canada, Manitoba, Falcon Lake


Category: UFO Landing


One of the most evidential cases of UFO contact was that of Stephen Michalak near Falcon Lake on 20th May 1967. He claimed to have come into contact with a landed UFO which he managed to get near enough to touch. As he did a burst of light came from one of the 'exhaust' panels which set fire to his shirt.


Document: Falcon Lake 1967



1967-05-26; USA, Connecticut, Waterbury


Category: UFO Photo




1967 Waterbury, CT, USA: On May 26th, somewhere around 9:30pm this object passed over Interstate Highway 84. Investigators said several car engines stopped and the cars had to coast off to the side of the highway. This UFO is said to be a thousand feet across, and made no sound while the lights flashed on and off in a pattern. (Note): At this time I don’t have the photographer’s name for credit.





1967-09-13; UK, London, Lambeth


Category: Spontaneous Human Combustion


Robert Francis Bailey was a homeless person who allegedly died by spontaneous human combustion.


At 5:21am on 13 September 1967, an unnamed member of a group of female office workers phoned the London Fire Brigade. While waiting for a bus, they had noticed flickering blue flames visible through an upper window of 49 Auckland Street, Lambeth, London. They presumed it was burning gas. 49 Auckland Street was a derelict council house owned by Lambeth London Borough Council, and was disconnected from gas and electricity supplies.


At 5:26am, Station Officer Jack Stacey and his crew arrived. Stacey was first up the ladder and through the window.:




 "When I got in through the window I found the body of a tramp named Bailey laying at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the second floor. He was lying partly on his left side. There was a four-inch (10 cm) slit in his abdomen from which was issuing, at force, a blue flame. The flame was beginning to burn the wooden stairs. We extinguished the flames by placing a hose into the abdominal cavity. Bailey was alive when he started burning. He must have been in terrible pain. His teeth were sunk into the mahogany newel post of the staircase. I had to prise his jaws apart to release the body. The fire was coming from within the abdomen of his body."


In 1986, Stacey was interviewed on BBC television's Newsnight programme, and went into detail:


 "The flame itself was coming from the abdomen. There was a slit of about four inches in the abdomen and the flame was coming through there at force, like a blowlamp - a bluish flame, which would indicate that there was some kind of spirit involved in it. There's no doubt whatsoever, that fire began inside the body. That's the only place it could have begun, inside that body."


The flames had scorched an area of floor measuring approximately six square feet and totally incinerated Bailey's right hand. Stacey does not believe in the paranormal, in which category he includes SHC, explaining: "Bailey was an alcoholic, addicted to meths drinking, and had drunk too much of it. The meths had erupted through his abdomen and somehow exploded into flame."


However, Heymer has written that Stacey's account contains a number of problems:


If Bailey was indeed conscious enough to respond to pain by sinking his teeth deep into a mahogany post, why did he not cry out, or indeed move at all?
Can a person really drink enough meths to ignite and burn to death?
Can enough gas at sufficient pressure to provide a blowlamp-like flame really be sustained from the contents of a stomach with a four-inch (10 cm) slit in it? (This pressure had been sustained for at least five minutes, because the time of the call and the time of the fire brigade's arrival are both known).
If one supposes that Bailey did not move due to alcoholic stupor, the idea that he clamped his teeth into a solid wooden post in agony becomes hard to support.


However, Bailey's head was fire-damaged and a less contradictory explanation could be that his jaw tendons contracted in the heat, clamping his jaws shut where his open mouth was already in contact with the post.


At inquest, it was found that the cause of Bailey's death was 'asphyxia due to inhalation of fire fumes'. Bailey had suffocated on the fumes of his own combustion. A search of his body revealed no portable sources of ignition (lighters, etc.) or inflammable substances. He was a non-smoker.







1967 07-03; USA, Rhode Island, Cumberland


Category: UFO Photo




1967 Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA: At 7:15pm on July 3, Joseph L. Ferriere went to east Woonsocket to investigate reports of a strange object flying around in the area, he spotted a large cigar-shaped object hovering in the sky. After taking four pictures of the object he noticed a smaller disc-shaped object coming out from the larger object and took a picture of the disc-shaped object also.



1967-09-08; USA, Colorado, Alamosa


Category: Animal Mutilation


The first mainstream Animal Mutilation that occurred was that of a horse called 'Lady'. Lady was raised on a farm near Alamosa which is in Colorado's San Luis Valley. Every night she would turn up at the ranch house for her food and water, until on September 8th 1967 she failed to turn up for the first time.


Berle Lewis, Lady's owner, went out the following day to try and find the horse. They eventually found her but not under the circumstances they had wished. When they found her, the neck and head had were completely devoid of flesh, her brain and other internal organs were missing and some of the cuts were as clean as a surgeons scalpel.


Several 'explanations' were given ranging from the horse being struck by a bolt of lightning to her being the victim of Satanists! However, there were no tracks leading up to the body and there had been no bad weather the night before. The only tracks found were that of some strange 'exhaust' marks which contained higher than normal levels of radiation.


Many local people had reported seeing strange lights in the sky and Berle Lewis's mother had reported a large unknown craft passing over her cabin the day 'Lady' disappeared.


This seemed the start of many similar occurrences. During the 1970s over 10,000 cattle were discovered in the U.S. alone with organs surgically removed and corpses drained of blood.





1967-10-04; Canada, Nova Scotia, Shag Harbour


Category: USO Landing


Shag Harbour UFO Incident


On the coast of Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1968(?), a group of men were driving down a road when they saw what looked to be a plane in trouble. It was flashing lights along the tree line and then plunged into the bay. They didn't know what to do so they went to the police and told them that a plane may have gone down.


Fearing that people may have been injured, they sent a search team out over the waters the next day. There was no sign of a plane or survivors but there was a long trail of thick yellow foam extending a hundred yards across the surface of the water.


The men had seen nothing like it before. It smelt a bit like sulfur and didn't seem natural. The men went down to see what there was but reported that they had found nothing.


The ship had supposedly traveled under water for several days. All that the witnesses could say is that there seemed to be a second object "lending assistance" to the damaged craft.


Before another crew arrived, the craft traveled underwater at an incredible speed, broke the surface and flew away. The case never seems to end because people keep on coming forward and telling their share of the story and that lends a big hand in solving the Shag Harbour incident.


The Shag Harbor case reportedly produced a green film on the water.


Document: More Information



1967-10-20; USA, California, Bluff Creek


Category: Hominoid Video


Famous Bigfoot fil shot by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin.








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