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Events 1966

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Events 1966



1966-00-00; USA, New York, Lake Tiorati


Category: UFO Photo




1966 Lake Tiorati, New York: The west side of the Hudson River, three fishermen noticed an unusual circular metallic flying object. One of the men grabbed a box camera and managed to snap four pictures before it flew away over Stockbridge Mountain.





1966-03-14; USA, Michigan, Milan


Category: UFO Sighting


On a quiet day in March, 1966, seven eyewitnesses reported an unidentified flying object maneuvering over Livingston and Washtenaw counties. Ordinarily, these reports might have been dismissed by officials as the work of cranks. But this time, the seven witnesses WERE officials, police officers and sheriff's deputies from the two counties.


And their stories were backed up by more than 100 witnesses, including William Van Horn, a civil defense director, and dozens of students who watched the football-shaped object for four hours as it maneuvered near the University of Michigan campus, a nearby airport and a local swamp.


Document: More information





1966-05-15; USA, California, Catalina Island


Category: UFO Video






On assignment to photograph Catalina Island for the US Navy, Mr. Leland Hanson was in a helicopter when he filmed this object, which at first hovered, then sped across the length of the island. According to independent photographic experts, the disc's calculated velocity was between 130 to 170mph, and had no apparent wings or tail that would signify it as an airplane. However, researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory computer enhanced the image and found that there might have been a tail rudder.



1966-05-21; USA, Pennsylvania, Grove City


Category: UFO Sighting


A close-range airborne sighting of a domed-disc, seen under midday conditions by two observers. One of them, William C. Powell, of Radnor, Pa., is a pilot with 18,000 logged flight hours. He and a passenger, Miss Muriel McClave, were flying in Powell' s Luscombe in the Philadelphia area on the afternoon of 5/21/66 when an object that had been first spotted as it apparently followed an outbound flight of Navy jets from Willow Grove NAS made a sharp (non-banking) turn and headed for Powell's plane on a near-collision course. As the object passed close by, at a distance that Powell put at roughly 100 yards, they both got a good look at the object. It was circular in planform and had no wings or visible means of propulsion, both witnesses emphasized to me in interviews. The upper domed portion they described as "porcelain-white", while the lower discoid portion was bright red ("dayglow red" Powell put it). It was slightly below their altitude as it passed on their right, and Powell pointed out that it was entirely solid, for it obscured the distant horizon areas. His brief comment about its solidity and reality was, "It was just like looking at a Cadillac." He estimated its airspeed as perhaps 200 mph, and it moved in a steady, non- fluttering manner. He estimated its diameter at perhaps 20 feet. Miss McClave thought it might have been nearer 40 feet across. Each put the thickness-to- diameter ratio as about one-half. After it passed their starboard wing, Powell could see it only by looking back over his shoulder through a small aft window, but Miss McClave had it in full view when suddenly, she stated to me, it disappeared instantaneously, and they saw no more of it.


Newsletter Article: Why Don't Pilots See UFOs?





1966-06-00; West Siberia, Topolovka


Category: UFO Crash


June or July


No info at this time



1966-06-00; USA, New Mexico, Peralta


Category: UFO Photo / Contact




1963? Peralta, New Mexico, USA: Paul Villa was in an area south of Albuquerque near the town of Peralta when he found a landed silver circular craft about 70ft in diameter. Nine human-like beings came out of the ship through a sealed door. They spoke to Villa in English and Spanish and could communicate telepathically. The visitors told Villa they had several discs that could pick up pictures and sounds from any place and relay their data back to the ship instantly. After a long conversation the ship took off, taking care not to harm the small creatures on the ground below, per Villa’s request.


June 1966 - The Controversial Villa Photos


Now generally regarded as fakes after much analysis, the UFO photos of Apolinar 'Paul' Villa Jr. of Peralta, New Mexico, nonetheless have been widely circulated and touted as authentic in copious books and UFO magazines, and now the Web. They were, at least, some of the more impressive "flying saucer" fakes ever put to film. Villa began photographing his UFOs as early as 1963, and maintained that his story was true to his dying day, and never seemed to attempt to profit from his experiences, which involved full contact with alien beings which he said were more akin to angels, sent by God to help humanity as we approached the possibility of complete self-annihilation. Later Villa began producing photos of flying saucers that were only small, crude models, some with rather laughable tripod landing gear that resembled nothing more than a rod with a ball at the end. The little ships appeared to be sloppily painted silver and in many of the photos, inexplicable little silver balls were shown floating around the saucer, perhaps to help conceal the wires that upheld it.


He claimed he was instructed by the aliens on how to construct them, though it seems what really happened was, his later attempts at realism failed miserably and an explanation was needed for the obviously small, man-made silver saucers in his photos. Villas earlier shots showed what appeared to be considerably large craft floating in midair, which would have been a difficult trick to pull off for one man if they were not the result of a photographic trick. His earlier photos have a rather shocking realism to them, though almost every one features an elaborate saucer hovering conveniently between trees. The first to declare the Villa photos a fraud was Project Blue Book analysis, but since then others have also verified the apparent hoax. Villa died in 1981.



1966-06-03; Gemini 9


Category: UFO Sighting



June 3, 1966 - Stafford, Cernan


It is reported that the capsule was accompanied from takeoff by UFO's seen from the ground as well as the capsule.




See: Gemini Space Missions - Gemini 9





1966-07-18; Gemini 10


Category: UFO Sighting


Gemini 10

18 July 1966

Young and Collins


The crew saw pinpoint lights that seemed to follow the capsule. Oberg declared these also to be debris.


See: Gemini Space Missions - Gemini 10





1966-09-12; Gemini 11


Category: UFO Sighting


Gemini 11 astronauts Charles Conrad and Richard F. Gordon, jr. photographed a UFO while in orbit. Gordon stated that the object appeared metallic and moved across the capsule's bow to shadow their movements; the object stayed with them for four days.


Astronaut/Commander Pete? Conrad Jr. while aboard NASA docking and orbital flight of Gemini 11, photographed this mysterious cluster of lights from his port window, the first of several Astronaut sightings and photos of UFOs outside of earth's atmosphere. As Commander of the Apollo 12 mission in 1969, Conrad earned the distinction of being the third man to walk on the moon. Along with astronaut Alan Bean, Conrad spent seven hours and 45 minutes on the lunar surface. The photo has been widely debunked as being nothing more than a satellite in a decaying orbit, glowing brightly from re-entry and there are no comments regarding the image from Conrad himself, now deceased.


The crew sighted a long object while in orbit over Madagascar. This sighting was first explained as the satellite Proton 3, but that explanation was shot down by data which showed that Proton 3 was 350 miles away at the time. There has never been a conclusive explanation for this sighting...


See: Gemini Space Missions - Gemini 11








1966-10-27; USA, Arizona, NW


Category: UFO Crash







1966-11-12; Gemini 12


Category: UFO Sighting



November 1966 - James Lovell, Edwin Aldrin


On November 12 both astronauts are reported to have spotted 2 UFO's approximately 1/2 mile from the spacecraft. They were observed for some period of time and photographs were taken.




See: Gemini Space Missions - Gemini 12





1966-12-06; USA, Pennsylvania, Coudersport


Category: Spontaneous Human Combustion


* John Irving Bentley : United States, 1966


John Irving Bentley (1874–1966) was a physician burned to death in the bathroom of his house in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. His death was allegedly caused by spontaneous human combustion.


Newsletter Article: The Mystery of Spontaneous Human Combustion

Document: Discovery of Bentley's remains





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