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Gemini 7 Space Mission

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Gemini 7 Space Mission


In December 4, 1965, Gemini astronauts James Lovell and Frank Borman also saw a UFO during their second orbit of their record-breaking 14 day flight. Borman reported that he saw an unidentified spacecraft some distance from their capsule. Gemini Control, at Cape Kennedy told him that he was seeing the final stage of their own Titan booster rocket. Borman confirmed that he could see the booster rocket all right, but that he could also see something completely different.


During this flight Borman describes what he calls a "bogey at ten o'clock high" The object was slowly tumbling and was at first thought to be their booster rocket. But this was ruled out when the astronauts also saw the booster simultaneously with the bogey.


Transcript of radio communications:


SPACECRAFT: Bogey at 10 o'clock high.


CAPCOM: This is Houston. Say again 7.


SPACECRAFT: Said we have a bogey at 10 o'clock high.


CAPCOM: Gemini 7, is that the booster or is that an actual sighting?


SPACECRAFT: We have several, looks like debris up here. Actual sighting.


CAPCOM: ...Estimate distance or size?


SPACECRAFT: We also have the booster in sight. . .


Oberg concluded that this sighting was exactly what the astronauts said: debris - debris from the stage separation.


Lovell is reported to have taken some magnificent photographs of two mushroom shaped UFO's on December 4. The pictures seem to show the glow of a propulsion system on the underside. The pictures were taken at a range of several hundred yards. Some believe this picture to be a blatant forgery accomplished by airbrushing a picture of light reflecting off the nose of the spacecraft.



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