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Events 1965

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Events 1965




1965-01-00; Argentina, San Miguel


Category: UFO Crash


Cylindrical. Retrieved by Argentinean AF.?





1965-03-18; USA, New Mexico, Bernalillo


Category: UFO Photo




1965 Bernalillo, New Mexico, USA: On Easter Sunday Apolinar Villa was guided telepathically to this spot where he spotted this craft hovering silently in the air and photographed it.





1965-06-04; Gemini 4


Category: UFO Sighting


In June 1965, astronauts Ed White (first American to walk in space) and James McDivitt were passing over Hawaii in a Gemini 4 spacecraft when they saw a weird-looking metallic object. The UFO had long arms sticking out of it. McDivitt took pictures with a cine-camera. Those pictures have never been released.


Document: Gemini 4 Space Mission





1965-07-20; USA, California, Santa Ana


Category: UFO Sighting


Occurred : 7/20/1965 20:30 (Entered as : 7/20/65 20:30)

Reported: 9/6/1998 04:49

Posted: 3/11/2003

Location: Santa Ana, CA

Shape: Circle

Duration:5 Mins.

While driving through the intersection of 17'th St. & Prospect Ave., in the Santa Ana/No. Tustin area just before dusk on a Summer evening in 1965, I noticed 5-10 cars stopped & people looking up at the sky. I got out of my car & looked up & saw a bright,circular object in the sky. It was stationary, and looked bigger than a full moon.


I'm not sure of the exact date or time, but it was during the summer of 1965; it could have been June, July, or Aug., and it was between 21:00 and 22:00, just before dusk. I was 19 yrs old and returning from an evening college class, when I drove through the intersection of 17'th St. & Prospect Ave. in the North Tustin/Santa Ana, Ca. area. I noticed 5-10 cars pulled off the road, including a Calif. Highway Patrol car, and people were out of their cars (including a Ca. Hwy Patrrolman) and gazing upward, towards the south, at a brightly lit circular object that appeared as bright as a full moon, and slightly larger. I knew it was not the Moon, however, because I could see the Moon in another part of the sky. The object, which I would estimate was a half mile to one mile away, did not move while I watched it for several minutes. Since I was only about a half mile from my house, I hopped in my car and drove as fast as I could to my house, because I wanted to point out the object to my Mother & Brother. By the time I got to my house the object was no longer visible. I never saw anything in the newspapers, or other media, about this event, and I have never seen any other anomalous objects in the sky, either before, or after this event. What I would like to find out is if there were any other reports of this incident, or if there was an official explanation. I'm wondering if it could have been a weather balloon, or some other military operation, since I was just a few miles from the Santa Ana Marine Corps. Helicopter Base, as well as El Toro Marine Corps. Air Station.







1965-08-02; USA, Oklahoma, Tulsa


Category: UFO Photo




1965 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA: At 1:45am on August 2, 1965, young Alan Smith, then 14 years old, snapped two color photographs of a blinking, colored, luminous, discoid flying object that passed directly over his house there in Tulsa. It had alternating blue, orange, and white lights shining from its underside.



1965-08-03; USA, California, Santa Ana


Category: UFO Photo




1965 Santa Ana, California, USA: While racing home to Santa Ana, Mr. Rex Heflin took several photographs of this hat-shaped saucer. Because of the presence of the telephone poles in the background, it has been estimated that this craft is more than 30ft in diameter. Mr. Heflin has donated these photographs to independent UFO researchers for no monetary compensation. Seven years and 7000 miles away, in Cluj, Romania, Mr. Amiel Barnea photographed a similar (or possibly the same) hat-shaped UFO. Six years after that occurrence, Belotie, Yugoslavia was the sight of another similar witnessing. Ann Druffel, UFO researcher and author, is believed to be the owner and in possession of the original photographs.


Highway engineer Rex Heflin took a series of 4 Polaroid photos of a silvery craft near Santa Ana, California. Over a period of about 2 minutes the craft moved east, 'wobbling' slightly, gained altitude slowly, then increased its velocity and altitude more rapidly, leaving behind a ring of smokelike vapour. Several scientists and other researchers launched an all-out effort to study the photos. In September 1965 two men in civilian clothes, claiming to be from the North American Air Defense, came to Heflin's home and 'borrowed' 3 of the original photos. The photos were never returned and the 2 visitors were never traced. However, copies of the stolen photos continued to be analyzed. They were regarded as most probably genuine though some doubts remained.


Then one day in 1993 Heflin received a phone call from a woman who asked him if he had recently checked his mailbox and then rang off. Half an hour later she called again and asked the same question. After the first call Heflin found his mailbox to be empty, but after the second he found a plain, unmarked envelope containing the 3 lost photos. The photos were then reanalyzed using state-of-the-art computer enhancement, and the analysis supported the view that they were genuine.



1965-08-19; USA, New York, Cherry Creek


Category: UFO Sighting


Aug. 19, 1965; Cherry Creek, New York. 8:20 p.m. Witnesses: Mrs. William Butcher, son Harold, 17, and children. A large elliptical object, with a reddish vapor underneath, came close to the ground, then shot straight up into the clouds a few seconds later. Radio drowned out by static, a tractor engine stopped. When the object was on the ground, a steady beeping sound could be heard. Afterwards, a strange odor was noticed, and the next day, a purplish liquid, 2"x2" marks and patches of singed grass were found at the site. A bull bellowed and tried to break its bonds.



There were many more sightings within the following 5 years, none of which seem to have been documented here.


The last sighting I ever knew about was made in July of 1971 by a church youth group, of which I was a member. There were about 25 of us there, (all around the age of 13), including 4 adult councilors, and the UFO was seen and heard by all.


There used to be a cassette tape recording of the hum that the UFO produced, but it no longer exists. It was destroyed by time.


My point here is to ask if there is any more information about ANY sightings at or around Cherry Creek, NY. I have been greatly bothered lately with constant remembering of this event, and feel that a little investigation is in order. Your sight is the only site on the net I have been able to find that has even the one article that you have.


My thanks for your time and help. If you want to ask any questions, or need a longer explanation of the events, feel free to write and ask.


Sincerely, G. Albach


Source: Project Bluebook Unknowns



1965-08-21; Gemini 5


Category: UFO Sighting



August 21-29, 1965 - Leroy Gordon Cooper, Charles Conrad


03 04 57 21 CC Gemini 5, Gemini 5, this is Houston. Over.


03 04 57 26 C . . . Houston, Gemini 5.


03 04 57 29 CC Roger, Gemini 5, this is Houston. Be advised that we tracked another object with you on your pass across the States. Range was 2 to 10,000 yards from the spacecraft. You might look around and see if you can see anything. Unfortunately, I can't tell you which direction to look.


03 04 57 53 C What time is this?


03 04 57 57 CC Did you say what size or what time?


03 04 58 00 C Time.


03 04 58 02 CC Well, it seems to be going right along with you. So we're tracking it right with you.


03 04 58 13 C Roger.


03 04 58 21 CC We're going to lose you here shortly but if you see anything, why don't you let us know at the next station.


03 04 58 27 C Okay.


03 04 58 31 CC The radar return was approximately the same as yours as far as magnitude.


03 04 58 38 C Roger.


See: Gemini Space Missions - Gemini 5





1965-12-04; Gemini 7


In December 1965, Gemini astronauts James Lovell and Frank Borman also saw a UFO during their second orbit of their record-breaking 14 day flight. Borman reported that he saw an unidentified spacecraft some distance from their capsule. Gemini Control, at Cape Kennedy told him that he was seeing the final stage of their own Titan booster rocket. Borman confirmed that he could see the booster rocket all right, but that he could also see something completely different.


Document: Gemini 7 Space Mission



1965-12-09; USA, Pennsylvania, Kecksburg


Category: UFO Crash


According to many witnesses, a brilliant object was seen over a large area, and it reportedly fell slowly from the sky into a wooded area near this community. Within hours after impact, the military arrived in the area, and a search was conducted for the fallen device.


Document: Kecksburg, PA 1965




1965-12-17; UK, Wales, Llandegla


Category: UFO Crash


Source: Nicholas Redfern - "Cosmic Crashes"




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