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Events 1963

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Events 1963



1963-00-00; Atlantic Ocean


Category: UFO Crash


No information at this time.



1963-00-00; Australia


Category: UFO Crash


1963 - 1972


From the Joint Intelligence Bureau of New Zealand's Ministry of Defence (a division with close ties to the British MOD's Defence Intelligence Staff), I learned that numerous such 'spheres' had been recovered throughout Australia in the period 1963 to 1972, and, curiously enough, all had been claimed by US authorities as having originated with their space programme.


All of the spheres were approximately two feet in diameter, and had been recovered in areas including New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland. Whether the Australian authorities were satisfied with the explanations put forth by the Americans as they sought to explain the discovery of the spheres was not made clear from a reading of the files; however, it was evident that the governments of New Zealand and Australia were involved in the recovery of at least twelve such spheres in less than ten years. The New Zealand Joint Intelligence Bureau went as far as to classify its findings at 'Restricted' level.


By far the most interesting piece of evidence made available to me by Australian and New Zealand authorities was a 1972 newspaper clipping that referenced one of the 'sphere crashes' on Australian territory in 1963. According to the report, two spheres had been recovered approximately one hundred and fifty miles north of Broken Hill, and the Broken Hill Police had arranged to have the objects flown to the National Weapons Research Establishment (NWRE) at Adelaide for examination. Unfortunately for the police, the pilot of the air-craft refused to allow the mystery spheres on board lest they explode!


Ultimately, the police were forced to transfer the spheres by road. However, after examination by specialist staff at the NWRE, it was determined that the spheres were neither Soviet nor American in origin. From where, then, did they originate? The newspaper apparently did not know, and those in authority were saying nothing. It was yet another bizarre episode in my attempt to chronicle the many and varied UFO crashes that had occurred throughout the world since at least the late 1940s.



"Cosmic Crashes" - Nick Redfern





1963-07-16; UK, England, Wiltshire, Charlton


Category: UFO Crash


1963 16 July. 6 am. Charlton, Wiltshire


8' depression w/ spokes.







1963-10-15; Congo, Xerekena


Category: UFO Crash


No information at this time.





1963-12-10; UK, RAF Cosford


Category: UFO Crash


According to various sources, on 10th December 1963, 2 RAF personnel observed a strange domed object fall behind a hanger at RAF Cosford, Wolverhampton, England.


The 2 men then stated that the object swept the airfield with a strange green beam. However, when they returned with help, the object gone.


The 2 men were then allegedly subjected to a rigorous interrogation, and the events covered up.


A couple of days later a very large transport plane landed, which was extremely unusual for this base, and was loaded up with a large hidden object.




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