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Events 1962

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Events 1962




1962-04-18; USA, Nevada, Las Vegas


Category: UFO Sighting


First sighted from Oneida, N.Y. A very large glowing red object at high altitude was seen headed across the American continent. It was confirmed on radar. A further sighting came in from Gridley, Kansas.


NORAD spokesman at Colorado Lt Col. Herbert Rolph advised reporters that it was not a meteor. A spokesman at Nellis confirmed this. The Air Defence Command alerted bases including Nellis and Phoenix. There were further sightings from Montana and Utah. Jet fighter interceptors took off from Phoenix. The UFO passed directly over Nephi, Utah on an east-west course. Witnesses heard the thunder of fighter aircraft.


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1962-06-12; USA, New Mexico, (Otero County)


Category: UFO Crash


Some sources place this event near Holloman Air Force Base, 8 miles (13km) southeast of Alamogordo; others place it 90 miles (145km) south of the city. On some unspecified date in 1962, a UFO was tracked on military radar across "two south-western states'. Jet interceptors were scrambled, but as the UFO crossed into New Mexican airspace it began to lose altitude. The craft crashed on the desert sand at 90 mph (145km/h); its flight pattern immediately beforehand indicated that any occupants were either dead or had lost control before the impact. The UFO was circular, 68ft (20m) in diameter and 13ft (4m) high. It was taken to 'a major military base in the south-west' so that its means of propulsion could be investigated. Two 42 inch (1m) long beings were found dead inside. They had pink-gray skin, oversized heads, large eyes, tiny noses, small mouths and holes for ears. They were wearing one-piece suits. Next day the bodies were removed to 'a major medical universitry hospital' somewhere in the US.



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