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Hill Abduction Case

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Hill Abduction Case


One of the first people to claim to of been abducted by Aliens, apart from the famous 'contactees' of the 40s and 50s, was actually a couple. (This is most unusual as most abductions tend to be of one person). The couple were Betty and Barney Hill.


During September 1961 (19th) Betty and Barney Hill were driving back from a holiday in Canada through the White Mountains. They noticed a light that seemed to be following them, they assumed that it was an airplane or helicopter.


After driving for a while they were forced to stop the car because the light had descended rapidly and was now much closer. Barney got out to get a better look with the aid of his binoculars, and described the object as 'banana like with pointed tips and windows'.


Barney started to walk slowly towards the craft, and it was only after several desperate calls from his wife's that he return to the car. He claimed to have see aliens through the window. At this they drove back home.


However, they soon realized that more than an hour of time was 'lost' and noticed that the car had strange blotches on it. Betty reported it to Pease Air Force Base who confirmed that they had indeed tracked an unknown object around that time and location.


Soon afterward Betty began having strange nightmares involving 'aliens'. She consulted several doctors who suggested hypnosis. Both the Hills were hypnotized by Dr Benjamin Simon who was amazed by what the couple were independently describing. They told of being taken onboard the UFO and having 'medical' tests performed on them.


Betty also remembered being shown a 'star-map' of where the aliens came from. Under further hypnotic sessions they were able to re-create the star map which turned out to be very close to a known star system.


This abduction case is controversial because it hinges on information gained by performing HYPNOTIC REGRESSION on Betty and Barney Hill. The Hills claimed they were abducted in September of 1961 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They witnessed a UFO in the night sky and claimed they were bathed in light. When they returned home, they realized they could not account for more than two hours of the evening. Days later the Hills had nightmares about UFOs. In order to learn more about their experience, the two underwent hypnotic regression therapy. While in a hypnotic state, the Hills were able to recall the abduction with vivid detail. A book titled Interrupted Journey is about this incident.


The exact planet that Betty was shown circled the star Zeta Reticulli.


This case was later made into a TV movie called 'The UFO Incident'.



Event: 1961-09-19; New Hampshire, Portsmouth



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